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Derivative Source

I have a history or one of my relatives from the Daughter of Utah Pionners Museum and International Daughters of the Utah Pionners Museum. I was writtten by a decendant and one of them was tracribed by someone else from my relative own diary. I would like to use thes histories in my ICAPGen four generation paper becasue they have crutial linking information. 

Any suggestions on how to cite this. I have both your current "Evidence Explained Third Edition" and "Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian" and I cannot locate how to cite this type of document. 

Thank you kindly. 

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Amazing_Amz, if I interpret your explanation correctly, you are using an unpublished manuscript housed at an archive. More explicitly, it's a memoir that was then transcribed by someone else. EE's QuickCheck Model on p. 101, "Unpublished Narrative," provides the basic format for that type of record and situation.

Given that you are not using the original, your citation also needs to indicate that you are using a transcribed copy. EE 12.9 demonstrates how to add the identity of a transcriber or translator to the start of a citation. It's basically a matter of starting with the name of the transcriber, identifying that person as a transcriber, then citing the memoir in standard form for manuscripts.

For more on these concepts, see the index for keywords such as memoir, diary, manuscript, transcription, and "transcribers, citing."

You might also want to note whether the "transcription" is handwritten or typescript. And, of course, if the repository has imaged this memoir online, that complicates the citation because the online site has to be identified in a second layer of the citation


Best wishes for your ICAPGen exams.

The Editor