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Microfilm Identification Problems?

7 June 2014
We've all had these problems. We're at the website of a company that offers digital images of U.S. government documents. Our image-of-interest is said to come from, say, a National Archives microfilm publication. Then we're given a roll number that cannot possibly belong to that publisher or publication ...

Great Tutorials—Analyzing Historical Documents

6 June 2014
"Documents are liars," according to Lawrence of Arabia. Certainly, they can deceive us—even when the creator did not intend to be deceptive. So, how do we get within reasonable distance of reality, when we peer into the past through so many warped lenses? ...

Historic Broadsides:

5 June 2014
Although published, broadsides from past centuries have had a high destruction rate and copies of any particular broadside may be extremely rare. For that reason, when we find them in ...

Dowry, Dower, Dower by Father's Assent, and Dower at the Church Door

4 June 2014
Who knew there could be so many different kinds of endowment involving women? Do you know the differences in these when you encounter them in old records? ...

TUESDAY’S TEST: Citing Complicated Web Sources—EE’s Answer

5 June 2014
Yesterday's test question seemed easy: You’ve found a print book replicated online and it carries a great quote you want to cite. ... How would you cite the book that provides the quote? The issues involved, of course, were not so simple. Even more daunting is the thought that many of the materials we find online present similar issues that we have to work through--not just to create a workable citation but also to determine whether or not we should even use this particular source.

Citing Complicated Web Sources

3 June 2014
You’ve found a great book in an HTML version online. The epigraph to p. 139 (you DO, of course, remember what an epigraph is, from our recent Wednesday’s Words) has a great quote you want to cite. Citing a quote from a book should be as easy as describing candy in a candy store, right? So let’s see what you come up with …

Citing Military Records—Person-Based and Unit-Based

2 June 2014
When citing military records, the "essential elements" of our citation will vary, depending upon whether we are citing a person-based or unit-based record. The basic distinctions are these ...

Clichés that Refuse to (Ahem) Go Quietly into the Night

1 June 2014
Samuel Goldwyn famously quipped that the world needs some new clichés. For certain, writers of history have worn out all those created in the past 300 years. Consider ...

Citing Conference Papers & Syllabus Material

31 May 2014
Most published conference syllabi carry a specific title. As a rule, we should pull that title from the title page, rather than the often-stylized cover. The complexity of ...

History—All the Cool Kids are Learning It!

30 May 2014
The History Page. Its images are gripping, poignant, delightful, funny, and horrific. Most will cause you to pause at least a moment to think about the past and how it has shaped our present. ...