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Citing U.S. Military Pension Files

19 April 2014
When we cite pension records from the U.S. National Archives, our citation of the number should not omit ...

Map Warping the NYC City Atlases

18 April 2014
The New York Public Library “has now scanned nearly all of its public domain New York City atlases (a collection of now more than 10,000 maps) … and built a web tool … where users both inside and outside the Library can virtually stretch old maps onto a digital model of the world ...

"Kathleen Brown" or "Brown, Kathleen"?

17 April 2014
Just how are we supposed to write an author's name in a source citation? The answer, as usual, is: It depends....

TUESDAY'S TEST (Interpreting Census Households): EE's Answer

16 April 2014

Yesterday, we posed a "test." You've brain-stormed the document well and offered good insight.  One relevant issue has not been raised. It’s one that absolutely affects the answer to the question we posed against yesterday's document.  So you don't have to flip back to that blog post, here's the problem:

Archive, or Is It Archives?

16 April 2014
The word "archive" has two basic meanings: (1) a collection of records held by an individual, a firm, an agency, etc.; (2) ...

Interpreting Census Household Data

15 April 2014
Census records are a mainstay of research into past societies. While using them, we encounter many situations that prompt us to think, Hunh? Why is this? Are my prior assumptions wrong?

Source Citations & the Velcro Principle

14 April 2014
The Velcro Principle? Yes. That's the one we follow when trying to decide how to arrange all the elements of a citation: "Don't separate what ought to stick together." A page number ...

Ten Citation Commandments for Intimidated Souls

13 April 2014
The citation police are notorious. They thrive on blogs like QuickTips and use its content to predict perdition for all poor souls who violate wee tenets of EE or CMOS or MLA. Or so we hear. Frequently. Perhaps today's commandments will come in handy sometime, when you are cornered by citation zealots who have forgotten their own past transgressions. ...

Shortened Titles, Revisited

12 April 2014
When creating "short titles" for publications and documents with long over-long titles, we should never omit words from the beginning of the title. Doing so will make it difficult for readers to match our short titles and long titles correctly. If we ...

The USGS's Historical Topographic Maps Collection

11 April 2014
"In 2009, USGS began the release of a new generation of topographic maps in electronic form, and is now complementing them with the release of high-resolution scans of more than 178,000 historical topographic maps of