Citing Conference Papers & Syllabus Material



31 May 2014

Most published conference syllabi carry a specific title. As a rule, we should pull that title from the title page, rather than the often-stylized cover.

The complexity of the citation will vary from one instance to another. Some of these compendia call for added information after the title, in order to clearly identify the publication as a syllabus or a set of conference papers. Some individually number the pages for each session, beginning again with "1" at the start of each presenter's material. Others number the pages sequentially throughout the publication. The one constant is typically this: each presenter's material is treated as a chapter within a book.

Obviously (as with everything we cite), we should invest a bit of time in studying the nature of the critter we're wrestling with. EE 12.47 demonstrates a variety of ways to tame that beast.

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Citing the fact you attended a conference/institute

EE 12.47 deals with citing a syllabus, but what if I want to list conferences and institutes I have attended? Is there a citation format for that, or should I just make a list?

For example, say I attended IGHR and CAFG institutes. Would the following, in a list, be correct?:

  • Unknown Heirs and Genetic Techniques, Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG), 5th Annual Forensic Genealogy Institute, San Antonio, Texas, 10–12 March 2016.
  • Course 9: Genealogy as a Profession, Samford University Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR), Birmingham, Alabama, 7–12 June 2015.

And what about conferences? I'm considering not italicizing the conference title since it was not an actual course:

  • Association of Professional Genealogists, Virtual Professional Management Conference, 8–9 January 2015.
  • National Genealogical Society, Family History Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, 8–11 May 2013.

Member: APG, CAFG, NGS, etc., etc.