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7 February 2014

Have you discovered the Digital Library Directory, which bills itself as “An Online Directory of the Best Digital Library Resources”? 

The offerings of this consortium of over 750 digital libraries are diverse, extensive, and astounding. As a directory, it’s clearly organized into 5 areas of study (each with numerous sub-specialties):

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business & Reference
  • Health & Medicine
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Sciences

A search engine offers other options for exploring the materials by social tags, resource types, organizational names, language, person, or locale. As a gateway, it will lead you to such gems as

  • African Media Program and African Online Digital Library, both created by Michigan State University
  • Bernard-Stockbridge Photograph Collection of 200,000 nitrocellulose and glass-plate negatives depicting Northern Idaho mines, towns, scenery, and historical sites, 1894–1964, held by the University of Idaho Library.
  • Howard Steamboat Museum Collection, University of Louisville, including glass-plate negatives of over 300 steamboats completed at Howard Shipyard, Jeffersonville, Indiana—and much more on the Jeffersonville area.
  • 186,589 separate collections housed by Cornell University, including maps from around the world and historical aerial photographs of New York state.








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They're gonna put me out of

They're gonna put me out of business! ;)

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Ah, Michael. I suspect you'll

Ah, Michael. I suspect you'll always stay one jump ahead of all other learning opportunities out there.


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