Article Title for newspaper news briefs

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Article Title for newspaper news briefs

I'm trying to decide how to record the ARTICLE TITLE in a citation for a news brief found in a newspaper. Often briefs are listed under a heading such as "Local News", "Deaths", "About Town" or "Circuit Court".  What follows are usually one paragraph for each reported event.

Should the ARTICLE TITLE be the heading of the column, or the beginning words of the paragraph?

For instance, a weekly column is entitled "LOCAL NEWS, Happenings of Interest in and about Garnett", then many paragraphs down is the paragraph/sentence:

"   Daniel Showalter, of Garnett, and Mary L. Moore, of Welda, were married today by Probate Judge Lewellin."


The Source List Entry is:

Kansas. Garnett. Garnett Journal, 1892-1912

...and the First Reference Note:

"Daniel Showalter," Garnett Journal, 10 May 1907, p. 7, col. 5; digital images, ( : accessed 20 Aug 2017).

My gut feel tells, me that the above is a suitable and adequate citation, but I'm questioning whether or not I should have led with "Local News, ... Daniel Showalter,"?

Maybe another clarifying addition would be to add a SPECIFIC ITEM of:

local news item

Thanks much!


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Mooredan, in the situation you describe the "article title" would be the "Local News."  Typically, an article title will be centered in the middle of the column of print and put in bold face or all caps, so readers can spot it easily.  If the "article" is a regular feature with random items of news (which  seems to be what you are describing) then we cite the name of the feature. If the feature is a collection of random news and we wish to call out one specific item or paragraph, then yes, we treat it as a "specific item" and identify it at the end of our citation to page and column.  

Incidentally, in our First Reference Note, we also need to include the location of the newspaper—city and state. If either or both pieces of location data is not part of the newspaper's title, then we add it in parentheses or square editorial brakcets (EE 14.11).  In this case, you'd have

"Local News," Garnett (Kansas) Journal, 10 May 1907, p. 7, col. 5, for "Daniel Showalter"; digital images, ( : accessed 20 Aug 2017).



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Thank you very much!

Dan Moore

Tigard, Oregon