Citation Issues

Layers and Semicolons.

Just when I thought I understood layers and semicolons, I don't.  I had thought for imaged documents in a database, whether I choose either approach:  

1. database name and waypoints; image identification/details 
2. image identification/details; database name and waypoints

the two were separated into separate layers by a semicolon.

But now looking more closely at EE, case one uses a comma to string the information together.  

Why is that?  

Jeff Hodge

FamilySearch German Church Records only accessed at FSLibrary


While analyzing the citation on page 316 in Evidence Explained, 4th edition, I'm confused about the exclusion of the FSL digital film number, GDS number, and image number. Could you please clarify why these were left out? 

Thank you

How to cite a newspaper known by various names at different times?

Hello, EE,

I need to cite a newspaper imaged at Newspapers and believe I know how to do that except for one problem. When I access the image for the first page of each of the several issues I’m citing, the image itself shows the newspaper’s name to be the Davenport Democrat. However the web site’s “frame” at the upper left corner of the image calls it the Morning Democrat, [See, by way of example, .]

Military Records in a Manuscript Collection

Dear EE,

Several of my ancestor's military records are in a manuscript collection.  Samuel Day was a volunteer.

My source entry is for the collection.  The records are not online; I paid to have photocopies made.  I included the website URL as a help to finding the collection.  Omitting the collection ID (see First Reference Note, below) from the Source List Entry comes from the Library's suggestion for preferred citation and possibly some QuickCheck models from EE 1st ed.

More Civil War pension documents

I am working through the pension file for John W. Culmer. Although this document is not explicitly identified as an affidavit, I have treated it as such. The document in question asks the pensioner to provide information about himself, his marriage, and children. It is signed, but I see no evidence of it being notarized.

I think I have it correct, but I welcome any tweaks.

New Family Search Cataloging

I find it disconcerting that in their new cataloging scheme Family Search is disconnecting their content from the original microfilms. How can we write a proper citation without, in ES Mills' terminology, providing the "source of the source?" How do we know that a record is genuine unless we know where repositories such as Ancestry and Family Search got their images? (I know, I know: these websites are purposely setting themselves up to be publishers of record and obscuring their sources)

Here is a recent citation I created that I believe is properly complete:

Citations for historic letters

Please forgive the long post, but I have several questions related to the historic letter citations covered in the fourth edition of EE.

Author's Location

Template 7 on page 123 says to handle the first reference note the following way. (I am omitting the sentence for the descriptor and using bold to call attention to my area of concern.)

EE Fourth Edition and ScotlandsPeople

Scotlands People has changed things again. The example for citing on-demand images won't work any more. The images in the image-viewer appear to now be ephemeral. They stay around in a cache for a while but then go away after some time. The citation that caught my attention is the one on page 326. It seems best to just use the cite database entry form and not attempt to use image paths.

US Civil War Union pension files

I am starting to delve into pension records for an ancestor and his widow. I've looked at EE4 and crafted the following citations for the widow's pension:

Declaration for Widow's Pension, 5 August 1918, Elizabeth H. Culmer, widow's pension application no. 1,125,358, W.C. certificate no. 873,872, service of John W. Culmer (Sgt., Co. G, 20th Wisc. Inf., Civil War); Case Files of Approved Pension Applications, 1861-1934; Civil War and Later Pension Files; Record Group 15: Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs; National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

Libraries Tasmania

Hi everyone, I'd like to cite a record from the Libraries Tasmania Names Index using Evidence Explained, but am having a bit of trouble.

This is the record: : John Johnson born 22 Sep 1878

Not even sure where to start. Would it be the "Corporate Records Online Images", even though not all records have images?

Also, would I cite Names Index: Births, or just Names Index?

This is what I have made, but it is almost certainly wrong: