Citation Issues

Divorce "Index" on FamilySearch

Need some guidance with this. The only way to navigate to this record as far as I can tell is to search the catalog for New Hampshire then go to Divorce > Index of Divorces and Annulments Prior to 1938. The target is deceiving because its not quite an index, but rather loose documents of divorce and annulment records. The target says the index goes up to 1900, when in fact it goes up to 1938. The catalog discription seems more fitting.  I think I have all the pieces, but am unsure it put the citation together correctly. I'd appreciate your feedback.

Paper Documents

Looking for opinion. I am in the process of digitizing original paper documents that have recently come into my possession. I am entering the data into software and citing everything. The paper documents are going into plastic sleeves/boxes. I am putting an acid-free sticker on the front of each sleeve with a unique ID, short description and a citation. However some of the citations are quite long and I am having trouble fitting onto what is already a very large sticker.

Maiden Name

If on an official document a woman's married name is stated, which is the most acceptable to use in the citation? Or do you not clarify at all? If I were writing something, I would add the maiden name to the text, but my use-case is to add the document to software and cite facts.

1. Name (Maiden Name) Surname

2. Name Surname [Name (Maiden Name) Surname]

Citing Table elements

I am trying to figure out how to cite the elements in a table for a series of men to indicate their ages and approximate birth years as taken from their listing in the 1850 and 1860 U.S. census records (as a substitute for lack of birth records for that time). In addition to the man's name, I want to list his location in each census, and his age in each census. The table includes about 15+ men. How do I provide a citation to each of the two census years for each man within the table? If I do a full citation for each, the citations will take as much if not more space than the table.

Multiple page & column numbers

I'm discovering that in most British directories a person can be found multiple times within different sections of the same directory, which leads to citing multiple pages and column numbers. I don't know about you but I find the page and column numbers separated by only commas hard to read in the citation I created. Is there a better way that I can group each page/column number together so that it reads easier? Somehow I don't think using a semicolon is the right thing to do. I pulled out CMOS before asking here, but that didn't get me anywhere.

FamilySearch Wiki

Dear Editor,

I have searched the terms Wiki within the forum, but did not find anything particularly relevant to my question here today.

I have also read EE 12.53 and due to my software capabilities that I already know you will not offer comment on, I am still not sure if the EE citation guideline in 12.53 should be the one I should use.

I am wanting to reference a FamilySearch wiki, that was written by Stuart Basten and is located at this URL:

Directory within a Directory within a Directory

I’m a little perplexed with this directory that I have come across. Essentially it’s a volume that encompasses several areas, each with their own directory. One of the areas is London. The persons I am looking for are found in the commercial directory section of the London directory.

Private Holdings - Hospital Envelope containing person items of patient

I am back now with another query - this time I am trying to cite a personal item that I hold for my brother.

Background: My brother passed away in 1997 in Royal Perth Hospital (Western Australia) in December 1997. When he was admitted, any personal items that he had, were taken and put in an envelope that were then described on the front on the front of the envelope. His watch was described but nothing else.