Citation Issues

Website access mentioned in citations


I am trying to cite several newspaper articles in one footnote.  They came from different newspaper titles in different cities.  Let's say I found all the the articles on the California Digital Newspaper Collection on the same date.  I'm struggling with how to identify the access in the citation.  It seems really long if I do

Abbreviated titles in census - misidentified subject by 3rd party

In the 1810 census for Natchitoches Parish, La., we find a single woman as a head of household who appears to be identified as Madam (abbreviated) Spade.  Note what appears to be the lower case w appearing after the abbreviation and before her surname Spade.  Note that only females live in this house.  This record is from a USGenweb project file, but I have also reviewed National Archives records and noted that on the page or two immediately preceding this one, the census taker called another single woman Madam with the lower case w following the abbreviation.  I know of personal knowledge

Citing Quebec "Actes de notaire" from online database

I am delving into Quebec Notarial records for the first time, and am fascinated by the treasure trove of knowledge they've been providing. Truly breathing some flesh on my ancestors' skeletons of names, dates, and places.

That being said, I am trying to craft these citations to best reflect the fact that the image was viewed online, and in the case of FamilySearch among browsable images.

The basic citation used in my research notes has been something like this:

First Layer Clarification

I am currently researching a line with Polish ancestry, and I am using primarily the digital images of parish records which are available via FamilySearch.  The records are 'original copies' which were (presumably) made at the time of the 'true originals' and sent to the State Archives.  They were microfilmed at the State Archives and the microfilm images digitized for online access.  A church is not listed, so I presume the first item in the Source would be the parish (that IS listed).  When the records were made, the area of Poland where the parish was located had been annexed by Austria.

9.7 or 4.6? Vital Record (BMDD) - Local but State Archived Found on Ancestry

Another question, hopefully less detailed as I believe I am understand more of the generalized idea of EE.

If I am searching Ancestry for marriage records and I come across this 


1. Would the best approach to citing this be to use 9.7 or 4.6?

Survey of online trees

I am doing an indirect evidence case study to prove parentage. I want to mention that a survey of online trees was done but no tree was found with a source for the parental link between the two generations. I would like to simply cite the Ancestry Public Member Trees, FamilySearch Family Tree, and My Heritage Family Trees as a whole and not list every single tree that was examined. Is that a legit way to handle it? I think listing 40ish trees in a citation would be overkill but I thought I better check :)