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Citing a digitized Image Copy of a Church Record Book from Archion



I have looked for a birth record for one of my ancestors for about a year and a half and I finally found it on Archion!  I also found records for her parents and brothers and sisters there so I want to make sure that I have a correct understanding of the citation for these records before I gather all of them.  I am not sure I am putting the correct information for the Record component of the Source List Entry for this particular group of records.


Source List Entry

Find A Grave citation


I have read through the previous posts regarding Find A Grave and I see an example of what I have been using.  Then I looked at the example in your book of the QuickCheck Model on Grave Markers: Images Online.   Since I am new at creating the citations myself (not relying on software), I am still unsure if I am doing it correctly. Below is the citation that I have made using that example.

Source List Entry (EE)

County Death Certificate - marked for Genealogy Use Only


I have a death certificate from New York State.  I wrote to the county office (Monroe County) to request this certificate.  It is a copy of a Certificate of Death issued by the New York State Department of Health.  At the bottom of the certificate it says:  This Certificate must be filed with the local registrar within 72 hours after death.  On the side of the certificate there is a green stamp that says:  Genealogy Use only not an official copy.

Transcript of a NY town Register of Deaths


How do I cite a transcript from a NY town Register of Deaths? It was provided by the town Registrar of Vital Statistics. Since it is not a photocopy of the register itself, just a transcript, citing the register doesn't seem right, nor does citing it as a certificate, though it is dated and signed by the Registrar.

Based on the NY State index of deaths, there are probably a couple of errors (perhaps typos) in the transcript, but won't know for sure until Albany gets around to my request (still pending after almost two years!).



Images from the Family History Library Record Lookup Service

Dear EE,

I didn't think I would be back on the forum so soon after my last post; this time I am looking for a review or tweaks of a citation that I have crafted for a new source :-).

Recently, I ordered an image from the Family History Library Record Lookup Service -

Citing negative findings from another researcher

This is just a fun one as we sometimes have to "break" some rules. One of the assignments in a class I am taking is to create a DNA proof argument based on DNA and paper trail evidence provided to the class. We are, however, supposed to create the proof argument without doing any additional research (i.e. the task is to use the information provided and focus on the proof argument). 

Citing images of bound content in special collections that has been digitized

I am trying to cite an image from a bound volume of photocopies of NARA records that is contained in a collection at a library, but has also been imaged. Some examples on this site and EE indicate the website and the collection could be combined into one layer, but I don't see how to do that since the website collection and archive collection have different titles.