Citation Issues

Local Death Certificate

Curious how to handle a citation for this one. A few years ago I order a certified Death Certificate from the NYC Municipal Archives. The certificate is dated 1901 and labeled at the top "State of New York, Certificate and Record of Death". However, this is a local-level certificate. The death took place at the Soldiers and Sailors home in New Brighton, New York which is located in the borough of Staten Island. That said the certificate does not show that it was filed locally and no where do I see a label for Staten Island - although there is an illegible stamp at the top.

Citing a webpage with "posted" downloadable PDF files

Dear editor;

In my project of revising my pre-existing citations, I've come across yet another instance that needs special attention. It is a webpage with a files section, in which the webmaster has "posted" files for download with her name, a date and a time.  

Citing a compiled extract of military registers located in an archive

In 2004, I visited The Military Museums in Calgary, Alberta and was fortunate enough to be permitted to photograph the page from, “Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians): Extract of Records,” compiled by Captain. F.C. Powell, the Adjutant for Officer 1/c Records, Lord Strathcona's Horse (RC). This is a one-of-a-kind document and can only be viewed in the museum archives. The photographed page contains key information relating to my grandfather, Thomas Baird Murison, and his pre-WW1 military service.

Citing images from the Holbrook Collection

I am once again stumped by a Massachusetts Vital Record. I would like to cite the image of the birth record for Thomas Judd, who was born in Charlemont, Massachusetts, on 4 September 1812. I found the image of the town register on Ancestry "Massachusetts, U.S., Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988." Browse to Charlemont > Town Records > image 51 (you can also find it by searching the database for Thomas Judd, born in 1812).

Certificate Date

Does the certificate date refer to the date the certificate was filed or the date that the certificate was issued?

For example I have a certified copy of death certificate given to me by a relative. The death took place in 1937 and it was filed in 1937, but it is stamped by the Department of Health May 24 1984. Which date should I use in the citation?


Newspaper Title second layer format


I'm crafting a first reference note citation for a newspaper article accessed online and I feel comfortable with the example given in EE 14.22. My question comes because the the newspaper title from the masthead in the digital image (North Wales Observer and Express) is different from the newspaper title as shown in the website (The North Wales Express).   

Image copies: Online publication from

To shorten and simplify some of my existing citations, I'm trying to reformat some of them to show the "physical item" first. While I'm not quite sure about the first and subsequent reference note formats, I'm quite concerned about the format of the source list entry and its length.

Editorial Brackets in title of volume

In crafting a citation, I am trying to decide whether it is appropriate to use editorial brackets for the title, or go ahead and put what is the implied name of the register.  And which implied name should I use?

When I go to the first page filmed for this volume, which FamilySearch states is "Marriage Records", I find on the cover of the book only the volume "E".  When I am looking at the record I am citing, it it is pre-printed at the bottom of the record "Filed and Recorded in Book E of the County Records of Marriage Licenses...".