Citation Issues

Citing chapters in transcribed volumes

I am citing an abstract of colonial vital records for Rhode Island.  It was published over a span of about 20 years and includes 21 volumes of the entries/details from the vital record of various towns in Rhode Island from 1639 to 1850.  The compiler is noted as James Newell Arnold and there is no editor listed.

Ancestry & NARA

Dear EE,

I am making my first draft registration card citation. I have consulted 11.1 and In my case, I'm unable to establish that the record is on microform; and at Ancestry, I find the following alert:

  • Not Yet Digitized. This Series contains records, none of which have been digitized.

My citation draft:

England, marriage certificate


I have reviewed previous submissions on this forum and also consulted Evidence Explained 9.48.  This is what I have come up with for a copy of a marriage certificate that was ordered from the Registrar office.  My concern is I didn't need to know if I needed to at that the marriage was solemnized at the Register office.  I have attached a copy of the marriage certificate. 

Thank you as always for your help,

Linda Rogers


Source List Entry (EE)

Repository and document name changes

When the name of a repository changes, e.g. from Office of Vital Statistics to Bureau of Vital Statistics to Division of Vital Statistics, etc., should our citation use the repository name on the document or the repository name as it was when we visited or wrote to the repository?

I have a similar question regarding changes of names for vital records; a generic death certificate might be preprinted with terms such as "certificate of death" or "medical certificate of death." Do we use the generic term or the term on the certificate? 

Format - Document vs Database approach

Dear Evidence Explained, 

I am new to the world of citations.  I am quickly learning that it is a study all on its own. I have your Evidence Explained book, 3rd edition and have also read numerous postings (several times) on this forum. All of which are very informative.  I have to admit my head is swimming in information at the moment.