Citation Issues

When record books lack titles, how to proceed with citing a register on digitized microfilm?

It's probably true that we struggle most with citations when we don't understand exactly what we are looking at.  I am attempting to cite a Massachusetts marriage record that I found through FamilySearch.  And I'm struggling with citation because I freely admit that I don't understand what I'm looking at. My law degree isn't helping me at all on this one.

The journey begins here:

Netherlands online

I'm working on some Dutch records right now and I think I have this right, but i'd like a check.

The website WieWasWie has indexed much of the digitized records held throughout the country. The actual digitized records are held in regional archives. The search pattern is go to WieWasWie, enter in your details get the page, goto source, and read the record.

When do we not need to cite a repository

I have lost the plot about when it is not necessary to cite a repository. I thought I heard once that we cite what we use. In this case, I used a database with images at FamilySearch. I still cited the repository. Did I need to?

"Texas Deaths, 1890-1976," database with images, FamilySearch (; image, certificate no. 41285 for Ben “Zeno” Zuinault [Zumault], 16 Aug 1953, Houston, Harris, Texas; parents, George Zumault and Emery [Emily?] Floyd; citing State Registrar Office, Austin, Travis, Texas; FHL microfilm 2,113,981.

Congressional testimony

So here's one that's slightly different, i need to cite congressional testimony, from 2005. The text isn't available at the library of congress, but i have my prepared remarks. So here's my go at this:

Source List

United States. Congress. House Armed Services Committee. Archived website. Library of Congress.  Web Archives. 2005. : 2020.


Citing digital image of birth register from GSU microfilm on FamilySearch

Looking to cite an online birth register that appears that it was orginaly a GSU microfilm of an original marriage register. I'm scratching my head on citing this and wondering if I should cite the database or the catalog record.

When I did the initial search on FS it was part of a database "Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950" but the record came from a set of images from which I found this information:

Catalog Record: Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950
Film/Digital Note: Birth Register, 1893-1906

Citing Riksarkivet

Trying again.  Attaching image this time of a screen grab from my genealogy software program.  

I do not know how to cite Riksarkivet.  I do not know who runs Riksarkivet, who compiles the databases, who to give the credit to, or anything.  I am only guessing when I have filled out the template that is the image I have attached.

It would be so much easier if I could just see an example of a citation for Riksarkivet.  You say you have one, but I do not see it in your most recent edition (2017).

First attempt at a strange web page

I'm new to creating EE style citations and i'd like to see how i'm doing with a different type of web page. I'm including in a narrative style discussion, the weather. I've found a wonderful site that will give you all sorts of details regarding the weather for most cities in the world. Here are my attempts at the source list and the citation:


Citing Ancestry Family Trees - user name/actual name

When I cite Ancestry trees, I use the Ancestry user name since its searchable and real name if I can determine it with certainty.

I have noticed that some women use their married name as their "user name". For their actual name should I use their maiden name, married name or both? I had been using maiden name but wonder now if that is correct.

How to cite Swedish church records or other records viewed digitally on

Is this the correct citation format for the website Riksarkivet?  I bought your most recent edition (2017) and it did not contain an example for this website.

Swedish National Archives, "Arbrå kyrkoarkiv, Födelse- och dopböcker, SE/HLA/1010005/C/5 (1877-1885)," database, Riksarkivet ( : viewed 11 November 2018), p 92.

Short Footnote:
Swedish National Archives, "Arbrå kyrkoarkiv, Födelse- och dopböcker, SE/HLA/1010005/C/5 (1877-1885)," database p 92.

Private Holdings: Artifact

I am looking at QCM on p. 105 (3rd ed.).

My question is about my father's birth certificate (deceased), which is privately held by mother. I have a photograph of this document.

I am trying to write a citation for this, and have so far come up with the following:

Source List:

New South Wales, Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages. Certified copy of birth certificate. 22 January 1997. Privately held by name of person, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Town, State of person. 2018.