Citation Issues

How to handle changes to Indexing

A question about how to handle changes in indexing. I view some online records of the Nova Scotia Canada provincial archives. They have digitized and transcribed and indexed the records but you can still read the original images. I cite the record as they have indexed it in my family tree "Fred Smith and Mary Jones married 6 May 1877 in Kings Co" plus the record book number, page and entry #.

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Correct Source List Entry?

In searching for my grandfather, Amandus Diethrich, in Pennsylvania on Ancestry this is how I searched.

I first went to the catalog and proceeded by selecting Search > Catalog then filtered by selecting “Birth, Marriage & Death, Marriage & Divorce, USA, Pennsylvania.”  In the resulting Titles I selected “Pennsylvania, U.S., County Marriage Records, 1845-1963.” Then I entered in the search box, his name then for any event, location I entered Pennsylvania and clicked the Search Button.

Ledger with translated baptism records

One of my sources is derived from the old baptism records of a Lutheran congregation in San Antonio, Texas, which at the time were kept in German. The church office sent me photocopies of a handwritten ledger which contains the information from the original records translated into English.

The ledger pages themselves are not numbered. The header for the first columns of the ledger specifies that this column contains "Page & Line No", referring to the page and entry numbers in the original German records.

Extremely long city directory titles

Hi, EE...  I'm looking at a run of city directories from Reno, Nevada.  The full title of these (and other) directories runs just under 100 words (see the attachment).  I'm leaning toward just using this as the title (assuming all years have the same title and I adjust for the years that I cite):

Polk's Reno City, Washoe County and Carson City Directory [run of years]

Is it necessary to use the entire 100-word title, or am I OK using what I have above?  Thanks for your guidance.


Citation for a digital image provided by MN Historical Society Copy Service

The only access to the microfilm records held at the Minnesota Historical Society Library Hubbs Microfilm Room during the COVID pandemic was through Minnesota People Records Search and a newly created copy service. Review of Evidence Explained 9.30 - 9.35 did not find an example of how to cite a death certificate located and obtained in such a manner. Using the "Online Database Entries" example as a starting place, below is what I have come up with:

Source List Entry

Changing article headlines

I need to cite a newspaper article that starts on page 1 and continues on page 2. What I need to cite is on page 2. However, the headline of the article changes once you get to page 2.

On page 1 the headline reads: "Comb East Coast for U-Boat Pack: Naval Planes, Ships Strike Back as Subs Raise Tanker Toll to Four"

Page 2: "Navy Strikes Back at Subs"

Typically  I would have cited it like this, but given the change of headline, I’m not sure how to approach it.

Author or title when citing a book?

I'm confused, again! I am missing something but I can't see what it is. Looking at the "QuickSheet, Citing Ancestry Databases & Images" for citing "CITY DIRECTORIES; IMAGES" it looks like the title is cited first in both the Source List Entry and the Full Reference Note. Since I am citing a book I checked EE 3rd Edition and all the QuickCheck models in chapter 12 seem to require the author be listed first.