Citation Issues

Citing French "Archives départementales"

I've come across an ancestor who died in WW1, but whose death registration was delayed until 1922. For this reason, I'm trying to be careful with making a precise citation of the image I've fount in the departmental archives of Jura, France.

The microfilms for the Ètat Civil, clerks copy, are almost always not true books, even though the records are often bound.

Book I own with 2 volumes and a different compiler per volume.

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I have a 2 volume set of books that I own.  The title is: Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties.  Volume 1 is by Anne Wynn Laningham and Volume 2 is by Hattie Muncy Bales.

I am currently working on cleaning up and correcting my sources and citations.  What a project!!  

Citing USGenWeb transcriptions

I present my attempt at citing a transcription of church records found at USGenWeb. The models that seem to apply are a website as a book with multiple chapters and transcribed bible pages online (EE p. 126-28). I chose to use the author as the lead element. Using the creator of the record seems problematic since we have no image of what the author used, its location, or if it's a bound volume, loose papers, or even the actual title of anything.

Different spellings of name on same record

Anyone who does research on Italian immigrants to the U.S., especially those who didn't read or write, is used to seeing variant spellings of surnames--doubled consonants where the name has one, an "o" at the end instead of an "i." If a document has Caffarelli, Cafarella, or Caparelli instead of Cafarelli, I transcribe what I see in the citation. But is there a convention for writing a reference note for a vital record with two spellings of the subject's name where one is another step removed from the correct spelling based on the child's Italian birth record?

Citing FHL Library Books category

I'm so confused. This is a book listed in the Family Search Library. I can't figure out how to cite it.

Do I follow the QuickCheck Model on page 659 or one of the QuickCheck Models for church records?

Citing the "Obituary file, 1874-2004; obituary index, ca. 1874-2004" at FamilySearch

Citing the "Obituary file, 1874-2004; obituary index, ca. 1874-2004" at FamilySearch has been a bit of a struggle for me. This collection contains images of index cards in one set of films and the corresponding images of clippings in a second set of films.

To ensure a consistent look and feel across reports, I'd like to avoid creating special instances of the current physical-item-first template that I've created for my newspaper citations.

Citing Land Deeds from 3rd Party County Clerk Vendor Site

This deed is sourced originally from the Galveston County Clerk's Office, Book 2115 Page 430.

I have cited from microfilmed deeds on FamilySearch before, but these are actual copies of scanned deed images from the book. I am not sure how to cite this and was wondering if I crafted my citation correctly? 

I arrived at these deeds through the county website:

Register of Birth in FamilySearch

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I have another question on citing a register of birth on FamilySearch.

Here is the citation that they use:

"Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940", database, FamilySearch ( : 22 July 2021), Elmer Kennedy, 1879.

Here is the website link:  This link takes me to the info page, not the page of the actual copy of registration.  That link is here: