Citation Issues

GSU on FamilySearch

I struggled putting this citation together and am hoping for feedback. I hope I am not missing anything here. This register was filmed by GSU. The cover does not give the name of the register nor does it have a title page. I used the target for reference for name. Should the first part be contained in quotation marks as I have? 

Citing an item within a society column

I am citing many articles from early 1900s newspaper that are found in a column entitled "Social Happenings." There is sometimes an author listed but not always. Under that there might be multiple pieces about various women's clubs, each with just the club name as the title. Do I use the column title and author in my citations, and do I include the sub-heading of the club's name somehow?

Path to Online Image: Waypoints vs Search Terms

Looking at two examples in QuickSheet: Citing Ancestry Databases & Images:

For the "City Directories: Images" example, waypoints to the image are given in the citation.

For the "Draft Registrations: Images" example, search terms are given to find the record/image ("imaged card for Clovis Julian, no. 120, New Orleans Draft Board 13").  I looked this up at Ancestry and found the waypoints to this image to be Louisiana > New Orleans City > 13 > Draft Card J > image 393 of 425.

names entered into city directories

I found my great-grandparents in a a city directory. They are entered as: Hendrickson Clark V (Ollie).

Their actual full names are Clarkson Valentine Hendrickson and his wife Olive Currie (Anderson) Hendrickson.

2.16 specifiies to cite the names exactly and then insert the correction in square brackets. But these names aren't necessarily wrong ... they just aren't exact.

a) so is it necessary to clarify shortened names ?

Latest edition of QuickSheet: Citing Online Historical Resources

Dear EE:

I just wanted to check if the version of QuickSheet: Citing Online Historical Resources which is available from Amazon for the Kindle is the latest version.

The preview shows that it is the "First Revised Edition c 2007."

At, the description says "Second Edition" but also says 2007.

I purchased the Kindle version of QuickSheet: Citing Databases & Images this morning and I figured Historical Resources would be a good compliment for non-Ancestry sources.



Citing Personal Bank Records and Bank Checks

Many of us have inherited bank documents, personal checks, and check registers of our ancestors. I am crafting an article and presentation about what we can learn about families by reviewing their old canceled checks. I would appreciate guidance on creating a citation for personal checks and check registers in footnotes, both as the initial and subsequent citations. I assume the same format you recommend for personal checks/registers would apply to business checks and registers.