Citation Issues

How to cite naturalization records in FamilySearch catalog?

I've been pulling what's left of my hair out trying to cite a record from the Oliver County, North Dakota, naturalization records. Like most North Dakota naturalization records, it is not currently in  searchable database can only be reached through the FamilySearch catalog. The Oliver County collection may be found here.

After making several attempts at it, I eventually came up with this:

Using a database at a government office

Digitized images of the Irish canceled land books can only be viewed on computers at Tailte Éireann (TE), Dublin, Ireland. The original volumes have been filmed and removed from circulation.

To access a townland, the following path within their database is used:

Archive Books > County > electoral division (ED) > volume by years > book # (usually 1 to 8) > Townland index > townland. (See images)

Citing image sets of monument and gravesite photos

When I take photographs of monuments, I typically take a set of photographs that show any surfaces bearing inscriptions and also any foot stones etc. Multiple burials are often noted on the same monument (and associated foot stones). So; I really want to maintain and cite the photographs as a set. I should note that the cemetery in the examples is a bit odd, since it is legally comprised of three sub-cemeteries.

How can one best capture this in an EE-style citation?

Here is one possible option, based on the conventional monument situation examples..

FMP Parish Registers


I think that I have become somewhat adept with Ancestry and FamilySearch citations, but I am working in England now and FMP is driving me insane.  Without ARK addresses, or clear database names, I do not even know how to direct you to the source I am looking at.  Here's my best guess as to the proper citation.  If I am missing something, please let me know.  Thanks!


Artifact birth certificate reflecting chain of custody

I read over the post, "Private Holdings: Artifact", and tried to utilize the birth certificate example to construct a citation for one of the birth certificates copies I hold on file. Unfortunately; I've tried to create a citation, but the chain of custody is causing me to doubt that I've done so correctly. Could I ask for your feedback? 

From noted post:

Subsequent Note for Layered Citations


In a layered citation, what components of the 2nd layer are included (if any) in a subsequent note?

In my example below, I am following the citation guidelines laid out in section 7.40 (Church Records from Germany) for the 1st layer. I use the 2009 second print edition of EE and refer to this blog regarding all things “layered” to keep up with new developments. Notice elements of both layers change in the 2nd note.

Recording newspaper pages and columns

Could you provide some guidance on the following situations one finds when recording of pages and columns of a newspaper? The first question, below, is by far the most important.

1) Some newspapers seem to split or merge their regular number of page-columns in the course of a page.
causes me confusion when trying to cite an article, because column number depends upon where it occurs on the page. Is there a standard way to handle this?

Transcribed Parish Records in a book imaged online

I am attempting to cite transcribed parish register from Christ Church in Middlesex County, Virginia and I just get confused on how to do this properly.  The book is found on-line at family search at the following link:  The Parish register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va., from 1653 to 1812 (

This is the citation that I have:

Citing Munkács, Hungary (now Mukachevo, Ukraine) Records

Oof! I've been struggling with this one. I have a client project that has led to Jewish records from Munkács, Bereg, Hungary (later part of Czechoslovakia and now part of Ukraine) that have been digitized and placed online. My first challenge was figuring out how to copy and paste the Ukrainian text into Word to begin the process of creating citations. I would like EE's input on anything I should add to these citations.

Citing a Blog Post

The New York Historical Society website publishes several blogs as part of their larger website. I am trying to cite an article that is part of one of their blogs but am not entirely sure how to approach it. The article doesn't show an author. The blogs do not have their own url and are structured as categories on the site. I assume that the name of the blog should still be featured somehow, I'm just not sure where. Here's a link to the article.

 And my attempt: