Citation Issues

Citing a CRBA certificate (not obtained from a repository)

I live in Ireland and my recently born son was registered as a US citizen via a CRBA (Consular Report of a Birth Abroad). It's evidence of US citizenship. It results in a certificate that looks like [removed].

Now, I am very familiar with citing records that come from repositories (BMD records). But this recently received ceritifcte was sent to us from the US Embassy. I did not get it from an archive. 

How can I best cite this record? I'm also using Family Tree Maker. 

FamilySearch...same image in 3 different image so confused!

Yes this is kindof a discussion on ark vs paths vs microfilm vs image group numbers...but mostly in the sense of I have confused myself on which way to cite things.

In short, when looking up a record on FamilySearch, depending on which way you go about it, the same page appears in 3 different image sets, ie. 3 different groups of images.

That is…if you access it one way, it is image 122 of 848. If you access it a second way, it is image 30 of 32. If you access it a 3rd way it is image 146 of 872.

Citing an image of an index page, unsure about who what whereis when wherin

Am going crazy trying to do this right. Trying to create a citation for a page from an index book, the index book has no title and no information on the spine. The film title is "Arizona Terr Court Index to Naturalization Records Pima County Part 2 Vol 1".  Am showing the image in a report and am not referring to anything specific on the image. So "Who" is nothing. I think "What" is "Index of Naturalizations 1864-1911" which is the "film note" on FamilySearch. "Whereis" is the online image? and "Wherein" is the NARA in Laguna Niguel? Am I doing this correctly? TIA for any guidance!

EE 4th Edition Birth/Death Certificate Template

I see that the 4th Edition of EE has changed the template for birth and death certificates (#12 in Ch. 3) in some ways that make the citation longer, and I have some questions. 

Why is the reporting county included when citing a state-level certificate with a state number?  

Why is the full date included along with the year?

I understand the rationale of including date issued and name of recipient.  If the recipient moves or changes their name, should the citation be updated?     

FamilySearch Full Text search

I'm loving the new Full Text search feature of FamilySearch. It's amazing to find all the records. I've not got a problem when I find something. Just figure out where you are and cite that easy peasy :)

The issue I'm thinking about is when I get an empty result. So, for instance, I'm looking William Parker, in the 1830's for Lawrence, Alabama. No hits. Do I attempt to figure out all the docs that the Full Text search is using (and I'm not sure I know for sure what that is given the rules sometimes as to what is and is not available) or just cite Full Text?

"Accessed" date to websites

Hello Elizabeth!

I have two questions about accessed dates:

1) If you cited a website back in 2014 and after checking the link in 2024 it's still alive and well, do you update the "accessed" date in the citation, even though that would be the ONLY change you'd make to the citation?

2) If you make a small change to a database name (such as updating a database name with a new date range), would you also update the "accessed" date in all your citations that cite that database?

Deed citations with long lists of grantors or grantees

I am working through some deed books and have crafted the following citation

Clarke County, Alabama, Deed Record B: 28-30, Stephen Noble to L.B.R. Noble et al., deed of trust, 9 March 1823; imaged, FamilySearch ( accessed 16 March 2024), Image Group Number 8193658 > images 295-296 of 922.

Deed records and affidavits of heirship

I feel like I have a built a good citation for an affidavit of heirship, but I know I can always learn from posting to this forum.

Clarke County, Alabama, R: 485, W. B. Summers to Sarah A. Zellar & Jno. C. Summers, affidavit of heirship, 11 November 1876; digital images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 12 Mar 2024), Image Group Number 8587552 > image 590 of 828.