Citation Issues

Layering Citations

I'm trying to layer a reference note citation for an entry in a parish register from Ancestry. 

If I go by QuickLesson 19, I get a citation like this:

"Manchester, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1930," database with images, Ancestry ( : accessed 10 November 2019); database entry for Garner-Barton marriage, 25 January 1902, Heaton Norris, England; citing reference GB127.C23/1/2/5.

 If I go by EE 7.38, I get a citation like this:

City Directories - sections

How would I approach citing an entry for a person in a city directory that appears in multiple sections - ie: an Alphabetical Listing and a Street and Avenue Guide, where the page numbers start over in each section?

I started the citation like this - but am not sure where to add where the person appears in the Street and Avenue Guide.

Citing an online imaged newspaper engagement notice

Dear Editor;

After reading sec. 14.22 on "Newspaper Articles (Online Images)," I'm still a bit concerned that I've missed something. The engagement notice, for which I'm trying to craft a citation, doesn't really have a title or author. So, I've tried to use the available rules and examples as a guide. I've also utilized what I've learned to date regarding multi-layer citations. 

I wonder if the following appears to be correct?

Transcription (from the downloaded image)

Personnel Records of the First World War at Library and Archives Canada

I'm writing reference notes for a blog post for Remembrance Day. I want to 1) reference an ancestor's specific military file on Library and Archives Canada, and 2) point visitors to the database on LAC

First Full Reference note for these:

1) "Personnel Records of the First World War," database with images, Library and Archives Canada, Military Heritage, digitized service file for George MacBean ( accessed 31 October 2019); citing RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 6589 - 39: 144519.

Appendix or Attachments

Hopefully you can add your thoughts on this, especially as it relates to client reports.

I cannot find in CMOS an item that references attachments, only appendices.  In a research report to a client, should they be called Appendices? Is each image a separate appendix? Or can you place all under Appendix A (for example)?

Also is it best to mention an appendix in the written portion or should one use a footnote and state in the footnote, See Appendix A?  Or is there another best practice method when using them?

Tweaking QuickCheck Model formats for bibliographic sorting

Dear Editor;

When citing English parish registers, as imaged on, I've tried to use the "QuickCheck Model," "IMAGE COPIES: DIGITIZED ONLINE." (Yes; I'm still fine-tuning my style for various citations and learning more about the subject as I go.)

On Ancestry, the subject collection is “Surrey, England, Church of England Burials, 1813-1987.” The image comes from [parish] "Petersham, St Peter and All Saints" > [date range] "1870-1958."

As you can see, Ancestry has all the Surrey Church of England burials grouped in a single collection.

Confidential Report

I recently ran a confidential report from BeenVerified in the attempts to find a relative of an adoptee. After running the report it was downloaded as a PDF so that I can hand it off to the client. I am not quite sure how to formulate the citation since no one will have access to the online version and the PDF doc will be sent for the client to keep privately.

My citation looks something like this:

"Report for Stephen M. Smith," pdf, BeenVerified ( : downloaded 24 October 2019), PDF privately held by Jack Woods.

Does this work?

Image numbering in citing online images

Dear Editor;

In sec. 6.8 of the 3rd. Ed. of Evidence Explained, I read the following and had a few simple questions:

Online providers of census images may assign an image number that is different from any of the page numbers above. Citing the image number is not advised. Not only do those differ from one provider to another, but they can change within a provider’s own system when the website is reorganized or more material is imaged. 

Website Page on Government Site

I'm looking to use some information off a page of regarding Vital Records, but I am struggling on how to present the agency and division in the citation. I am having difficulty figuring out the structure of how the agency is set up and how much of it I need to include in the citation.

This is what I have.