Citation Issues

Records across two page spread of bound volumes

I have searched the forum and the EE index and did not find anything specific on citing records/entries that extend across a two page spread of a bound volume.  I have come across some volumes which may have one page number written in upper LH corner of the LH page, some with a printed number on LH page, some with the same number printed on both the LH and RH pages of the spread and some un-paginated. 

Is this a local record or a state record?

Hello! I have an image of a certified death certificate that was requested by the widow shortly after a man's death in 2004. I am having trouble figuring out if it a state or local record. Here is an image of the top and bottom of the image (I did not include the full certificate for privacy reasons):

2004 Death Certificate

Citing three households in one citation

Hello! I am working on a client report. In the 'research notes' section of the report, I have included the analysis of an 1830 census record in which three related families are all enumerated on the same page of the census. I would like to create one footnote for the combined analysis/correlation of these three households. Would I simply separate each with commas? Or would using semi-colons or some other form of punctuation be more clear? Here is my current citation which uses commas:

Attributed compiler of family information

I want to cite a single handwritten page of family information. It is one of three loose pages that were found in a Bible and sent to me. The owner had information about the compiler of each page – his grandmother, his mother, and let’s call her Mabel, a distant cousin. Mabel’s page is the most complete and the only one that contains the information I want to cite. It seems to me that Mabel may have had access to an older family Bible with specific birth, marriage, and death dates as well as spouse names for nine children (born between 1795 and 1816).

Unindexed- Court Case Files-FamilySearch


I am trying to reconcile how to cite un-indexed court case or probate files imaged on FamilySearch.  Typically these consist of loose documents in folders. 

EE QC p381 leads with the [Jurisdiction] and [Series], placing the "[item of interest]" in "quotation marks" at the end of the layer, just before the web page layer.  I did not see any example in EE that accounts for or cites the file label itself.  I could not find the images using the URL in the example so I cannot confirm if the documents are contained in a file or not.

Territorial Oaths of Allegiance imaged at State Archive


I feel like I'm over-complicating this citation for an image of a document with signatures attesting to allegiance to the U.S. from the Mississippi Territory. The document is housed at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History at Jackson; the image is on their website. There's a rich treasure trove of images available at the site, so a helpful eye on these citations would be most welcome. 

I'm wanting the document (image) to the lead element. I might change my mind if I find that there's more than one ancestor in this collection.