Citation Issues

Question about Electoral Register Citation

I'm struggling to find where in the Evidence Explained book how to cite a Electoral Register. Can't find anywhere in the book where it covers this, I know it must somewhere.

Here is what I have so far.


"Midlands, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1965," database with images, Ancestry ( downloaded 1 June 2020), database entry for George William Whitehouse; citing "Midlands Historical Data; Solihull, West Midlands.".

Brooklyn Birth Certificate

Good evening,

My mother no longer has her 'original' birth certificate. She has two others, both of which are in my possession and I am having difficulty citing them.

The first one was issued in 1965, I believe she needed it to get married. The original didn't survive, so what I have is a photocopy. Complicating matters is that she was born in Brooklyn, her original birth record was filed in Brooklyn and this certificate was issued by the City of New York.

I have so so many questions...

Church Record at FamilySearch

It seems you are getting your fill of questions from me this week.

This post is related to one that I posted last week in which I had come across an Ancestry database which cited FamilySearch - but I could not find some entries in the database of the same name on FamilySearch. Well - I did find at least one entry and am thinking I should just cite the FamilySearch entry, but I am unsure how to cite it.

Adding in some details

I've got a death certificate that the State of New York sent me years ago. I've uploaded my copy to FamilySearch so it's attached to the individual. The issue is that when they made my copy they didn't add in the certificate number. I've found that in the index so i'm adding that to my citation but including where i got the number. Here's my attempt

Handwritten changes on a census page for dwelling and family

Should you note in a census citation, handwritten elements that are changing the dwelling and family numbers? Regardless of where I look, Ancestry or FamilySearch, I'm seeing the numbers crossed out and new written numbers both above and below the original numbers. Should these new numbers be included in the citation?

Newspaper with two dates

The newspaper below has dropped its Saturday print edition and now prints the Friday edition with Friday's and Saturday's dates on it.  How would you revise this citation for a newspaper dated May 15 and May 16?

“Delta retiring giant Boeing 777s,” The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, North Carolina), 15 May 2020, p. 5A, col. 3.