Citing a Marriage License Found in a Civil War Pension Packet

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Citing a Marriage License Found in a Civil War Pension Packet

How do you cite a ML found in a CW pension packett? Do you cite the state from which is came or do you do a multi-layered citation, citing the pension and the ML record?

Thank you, for your guidance.

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Jlouise, turn to 11.40. Look at the example for "Civil War widow, approved application." This provides an example of how to cite a document within a pension file.

To answer your specific questions:

1. Would we cite it as a state-level marriage record (or even a local one)? No, because you have not used the copy kept at the state or local level. You don't have sufficient information about how and where it is recorded at the state or local level. All you know is that this is a document in a pension file for the National Archives. Therefore, citing it follows the basic pattern for citing a document in the National Archives. Those basics for all types of NA records are given at 11.1. There you'll see that the essential elements to cite for a specific document in a file are "relevant names, item description, dates, and page numbers." 

2. Should you do a multi-layered citation? That depends upon where you found the document. If you used it at the National Archives, then you would cite only the elements shown in 11.40 (and, more broadly, 11.1).  If you found the file online, then you do need to add a second layer in which you cite the online site at which you found the record.

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