Deeds across changing town and county names

I am looking at deed record books for a jurisdiction that changed names. I would have thought that the citation should reflect the name of the jurisdiction at the time the deed was recorded, but (1) the name changes occur mid book, so Chittenden County Volume 1 and Franklin County Volume 1 are the same physical volume, for example; (2) the FHL catalog entry does not reflect the name change; and (3) the deeds themselves do not always reflect the name change. Should I create multiple main source citations that reflect each of the jurisdictions as they existed at the time the deed was recorded? And just deal with points (1)through (3) in notes?

Huntsburg town was originally located in Chittenden County, Vermont.
Huntsburg town became part of the new Franklin County when it was created in 1792.
In 1817 Huntsburg town was renamed to Franklin town.