Digital Archive of a community Chronicle

My father's maternal ancestors come from Bohemia. In their village Neudorf (Nova Ves), there were predominantly German-speaking population. Since 1918 Bohemia belongs to Czech Republic. I mention this to explain why this is about German material in a Czech archive. The responsible Czech archive in Sokolov publishes digital images of the community chronicle of Neudorf (1848 - 1938). The original title is "Gedenkbuch der Ortsgemeinde Neudorf bei Petschau" [memorial book of the local community Neudorf near Petschau]. It was started in 1848 and was continued until 1938. I have difficulties to create a proper EE citation. Please help. I would choose QuickCheck Model "Archived Material: Digital Archives" but I am not sure how I would name the collection and (if I would prefer the document as lead element) series No. & name. The publishing web site is "Porta fontium" at The subtitle is more descriptive: "Bayerisch-tschechisches Netzwerk digitaler Geschichtsquellen" [Bavarian-Czech network of digital historical sources]. It contains digital images of parish register, chronicles, certificates and photographs of several regional archives in both Czech Republik and Bavaria, Germany. The imprint states the owner of the website is the Czech state archiv in Plzen ( ). Would that be the "Website owner or creator"? Or rather "Czech regional archive in Sokolov" (see below)? The document itself is from the Czech regional archive in Sokolov. The direct URL is can retreive it by using (in the German version of the site) "Recherche" (upper menu) , choose Archiv "Sokolov" and Ort [Place] "Nova Ves". So how would you call the collection in this case? "community chronicles" or "community chronicles of archive Sokolov"? ...? Best regards,Erik