High-level Citation Structure

I wanted to ask a couple of very basic questions about the high-level structure of genealogical citations. I need to make sure I "cover my bases" before discussing certain topics in more depth within FHISO (see below). I hope, too, that others benefit from the answers I'll receive  ;-)

1) Can you direct me to a succinct but accurate definition of a "layered citation"? I'm especially interested in whether they also apply to source-of-source issues as well as derivative editions.

2) Are there any conventions for the location of discursive notes in a layered citation? For instance, does anyone have a good example where different notes might be associated with the independent layers in the same citation?

Many thanks




Re: FHISO (apologies for the plug)

FHISO (Family History Information Standards Organisation) has recently begun their technical work. See the notice on their Web site: http://fhiso.org. While much of their work will be technical, it must, at the end of the day, support real genealogy. Hence, help and inputs from everyone would be welcome.

Anyone interested can subscribe to one of their mailing lists simply to keep informed of discussions and decisions. The messages that have already been exchanged in the last few days can be browsed at: http://fhiso.org/pipermail/tsc-public_fhiso.org/.

It's early days yet, and the current discussions involve setting up a number of Exploratory Groups to look at the requirements and overall scope, as well as specific problem areas (e.g. sources & citations !!). There are several ways that people can get involved if they have the time and inclination: http://fhiso.org/tsc/#involve.