Identifying specific newspaper article

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Identifying specific newspaper article

This is my full reference note for a death notice found in a newspaper:

“Ellenville News”, _Kingston (New York) Daily News_, 26 August 1950, p. 2, col. 5, “Miss Christine Stahl...” death notice; digital image of microfilm copy, _Fultonhistory.com_ ( : accessed 3 December 2016); use “the exact phrase” search term: “Kingston NY Daily Freeman 1950 Grayscale - 3516”.

My question has to do with locating the specific news item being referenced. In the Kingston Daily News, news items from various villages are grouped under their village name. Typically, there is no other identifying headline for each item of news, rather, just columns of paragraphs, each paragraph being a separate news item. I have opted to identify the paragraph of interest by quoting the first few words believing this to be the easiest way to mark specifically the paragraph I am referring to. Alternatively, I am wondering if adding a paragraph number would be better, e.g., in the above case: p. 2, col.5, para. 3, followed by “Christine Stahl death notice”.

Any input would be appreciated.



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Torus, you've identified two good ways to handle another of the quirks of citing newspaper items. Either should work. Thanks for sharing this with our forum users.


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