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List of Figures

Last query hopefully,  I have read up and now worked out how to do my citations, along with your advice.

At the beginning of the book I have a list of Figures which cover the pictures sourced from documents.

EG  Figure 1:   Picture of what life was like at that time

Is it OK to put the citation for this picture here under Figure 1 in the list or do I still have to put a reference number then the citation at the bottom of that page.

Likewise for Appendix.  I have: Refer to Appendix item .... which gives the reason why this happened

The actual article as evidence is in back Appendix. Do I put the reference superscript number at Refer to (the in-text point) or at the article in the Appendix. Also the actual copy article in the appendix includes the citation does it stilll need to be referenced liked other citations.

Appreciate the help.



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You are describing some unique practices and it is never wise to give a blanket "sure, that's okay" for a practice that is described but not seen. Some issues above raise questions—for example, you statements that your appendix will provide "the actual article as evidence" and "the actual copy of the article in the appendix includes the citation."  If, by article, you mean a piece of writing by someone else that you are reproducing, the issues involve not only citations but also permissions and the resulting credits.

Perhaps it would help you to study Chicago Manual of Style's Chapters 2 through 4, which deal with manuscript preparation (including organization and assembly) and how to handle illustrations, rights, and permissions. 

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Thanks I have read a great deal on Chicago, but will re-read recommended chapters. I seem to mis-interpret a lot which is why I turned to your book as well, and this forum. I am starting to understand a lot of this now and have already obtained many written permissions direct from the original owners to use material that I have sourced, in addition to correct citations. Re the Appendix articles, the items are mostly copied segments of newspaper articles from online library sources, with the exact location cited. I will re-check those permissions. Again, sorry, my wording was not quite right. I used the Chicago method for the illustrations which resulted in (my interpretation) pictures or copied sections of documents becoming Figure 1, Figure 2 and all (45 Figures in all) then these were all listed at the front of the book. That's where I then put the citation for them (again my interpretation) beneath each figure, assuming this is Ok to do?