Quick Lesson #12 - Rabbit Hole

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank-you for your generosity in sharing your Quick Lessons. As we sat around the fire pit in Second LIfe's Just Genealogy we studied:

Elizabeth Shown Mills, “QuickLesson 12: Chasing an Online Record into Its Rabbit Hole,” Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Citation & Source Usage (http://www.evidenceexplained.com/content/quicklesson-12-chasing-an-online-record-into-its-rabbit-hole: [access date]).


What emerged was a discussion about the distinction between the original record, the view of it on the web, and how those two "layers", as you called it, can be merged into a reasonable citation.

We also considered how annotations to citations may assist a researcher in tracking down an online image in a record group where page numbers or titles don't always match what's listed on the page. FamilySearch has problems calling a record group one thing, yet the title page at the beginning of the set of images has different wording and/or time frames.