State compiled database at state site

I have just discovered that the South Dakota has an online database for 100 year and older birth records. The citation I have come up with is;

South Dakota Department of Health, Online Services ( : accessed 11 April 2012), Search 100 year-old birth records, entry for Harvey Holzer, 27 December 1895, state file no. 782293

My questions are whether to use the home page web address or the one I chose for the online services. Do I need to make a note that "Search 100 year-old birth records" is a link? I added the full birth date and the state file no. as they are searchable items from the search page.

Ann Gilchrest

Submitted byhhendersonon Wed, 04/11/2012 - 19:06

Ann --

That's a great index to have on line!

I think the link you used is fine, and either the link (as you used) or the title of the search page itself ("Birth Record Search Site") will do fine. The citation should also note that it is to an index (or "database without images"), not an image of the original record. When you obtain the original, you can cite it; or if you don't obtain the original, explain why in the text. Good luck!


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Thanks Harold I was so focused on the other I forgot to include that it is a database!