Templates for Use in EndNote X8

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Templates for Use in EndNote X8

Does anyone know if templates for EndNote X8 or some earlier version have been developed for various kinds of sources covered in Evidence Explained?

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Lowndes, we do not know of any citation generator that has attempted to create citations for the many types of historical documents that exist. As a rule (like CMOS, MLA, APA, and other citation guides), they focus on citing published sources. More specifically—given that citing published works call for only a few basic templates—they focus on automatically adapting those templates to meet the house styles of hundreds or thousands of specific journals.

EE users have, for a decade, asked most of them to consider broadening their focus to create templates for historical documents. All have said it would be time-and-cost prohibitive, given the great variety of materials, the varying circumstances in which they are found, and the analytical manner in which each has to be appraised to ensure that essential details are captured. 

Historical researchers are still only a small subset of the research community. While all historical researchers use published sources, serious researchers use published sources primarily for historical perspective that (a) guides them to original records; and (b) helps them interpret what they, themselves, find in the troves of unpublished documents held by many different types of archives and agencies.

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