Where is an explanatory note placed?

When adding an explanatory note, where is it placed? Usually it seems to go at the end of the citation. (See the middle citation in EE p. 87.) But it seems some comments deserve to appear in the middle of the citation.

For example, when a volume is not paginated, the notice of such is given in place of the page number. (See EE. p. 316.)

Or for file items the arrangement of the records seems to be described right where a page number would appear. (See EE. pp. 421, 423.)

What do you think?

Submitted byEEon Mon, 04/09/2012 - 18:30


No one has offered an opinion yet, so EE will venture one. You have done a good job of analyzing a common dilemma and suggesting an appropriate approach. To quote EE 2.1: Once we have learned the principles of citation, we have both an artistic license and a researcher's responsibility to adapt those principles to fit materials that do not match any standard model.