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A whole newspaper?

What if I want to cite nearly five years' issues of an entire newspaper?   I (physically) have original printings of each issue published during the Civil War the newspaper my ancestor printed/edited.   I'm NOT referencing specific information in any particular issue; rather, I'm stating in my narrative that descendants of the editor still own these pages. 

Do I cite these as artifacts held in a private collection, rather than publications? Chapter 14 of EE3 includes information on citing newspaper/newsletter ARTICLES, but not the newspaper at large.  Ch. 3, Archives and Artifacts, gives information on artifact clippings where the newspaper is unknown, but this one is known.

Ideally, I'd like to cite the whole as a privately-held collection of "This newspaper published these dates by these persons in this place", but how can I format this? 



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Caliadria wrote:

"Ideally, I'd like to cite the whole as a privately-held collection ... but how can I format this?"

Caladria, that is exactly how you should cite it. If you're citing original issues that you hold—issue that may or may not be in any public library or archive, depending upon their rarity—your citation needs to say where those originals are held. 

As for how to do that, think about what the essential elements are for (a) a newspaper citation; and (b) artifacts privately held.


A basic newspaper citation has four elements (QuickCheck Model: Newsletter Articles, Print Editions):

"Title of Article," Title of Newspaper (date of newspaper), page/column.

Of these, the first and the last don't apply in your case, so you're left with 

Title of Newspaper (range of years); ....


Then for your second layer, you plug in the data reporting where this private collection of papers is held. For this, as you suggest, you'd use one of the models from chapter 3. The QuickCheck Model for "Private Holdings: Artifact" (p. 105) works fine with no alterations. That leaves you with

Title of Newspaper (range of years); privately held by ______ [address for private use], City, State, year.


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