Appendix or Attachments

Hopefully you can add your thoughts on this, especially as it relates to client reports.

I cannot find in CMOS an item that references attachments, only appendices.  In a research report to a client, should they be called Appendices? Is each image a separate appendix? Or can you place all under Appendix A (for example)?

Also is it best to mention an appendix in the written portion or should one use a footnote and state in the footnote, See Appendix A?  Or is there another best practice method when using them?

What is the common practice among genealogists?


Submitted byEEon Thu, 10/31/2019 - 10:11

Richardson, CMOS focuses on preparing books and articles for publishers. Therefore, it doesn't address technical issues of preparing unpublished research reports. Each document you "append" would be an attachment, rather than an "appendix." Number each of them. In the body of your report, the first time you reference a document, you will want to create a footnote with a full citation. Then add "See Attachment 1" or whatever the number. Thereafter, if you mention the same document in the text you can add a parenthetical (Attachment 1), or whatever the number.