Multiple Same Source Citations in the same paragraph

In a biography that I am writing there is a paragraph where I need to repeat the identical citation at the end of each sentence. Is this required or can I just cite it once, in the long form, after the first sentence?

Submitted byEEon Wed, 02/26/2020 - 21:44

Lo, this is addressed in EE 2.42.  The first two chapters of EE provide foundational guidance of this type, covering basic conventions that apply to all types of records.

Repeating an identical citation at the end of each sentence within a paragraph is not recommended by any style guide. A reference note number always appears at the end of the block of information taken from that source. If you place the reference number at the end of the first sentence, then it covers only that sentence and you leave the rest of the paragraph without any source identification to support all the assertions made in those sentences.

EE 2.42 goes in more detail and demonstrates how to handle some of the quirky situations that can arise.