Citing GRO Certificate Service PDFs

Dear Editor;

I've just received 2 PDFs from the new GRO Certificate Service. I've never dealt with digitally delivered GRO certificates before. Each appears to be an image of pre-printed page from a register in which all entries other than the one ordered have been "cut" and removed. The PDFs delivered by the GRO contain metadata that shows, "Created by the General Register Office" and the PDF creation date and time. The web-delivery system also allows one to download the application detail sheet, which shows the GRO Index details for each image ordered. The sheet content is similar to what I am used to receiving when ordering via the post.

Given the above, I would like to know which EE "model" would be the best one on which to base a citation of these PDFs and which would permit the inclusion of the associated GRO reference information.

While I've read other posts on this subject, if possible, I'd prefer to develop my own citation. In that way, I understand the principles and can apply them elsewhere.

Submitted byEEon Thu, 02/27/2020 - 17:10

History-Hunter, will these images be "permanently" and publicly online, or are they simply submitted to you and then will be deleted after a short wait period?

If the former, then they would be cited as with any documents that are publicly available online. If the latter, then why would it matter if the document is snail=mailed to you, emailed to you, or put in a temporary "drop box" for a quick delivery? All essential elements are the same, no?

Dear Editor;

What I received online is only posted there for 30 days, just to allow me to download it.

The format of the document is quite different from what I received from the GRO by the post and it is just in electronic format. If once I have it downloaded, and whether or not I print a copy, it just becomes another loose certificate in my files... then, yes, I do know how to handle those. I thought I'd best check, since this situation is not explicitly addressed in the version of the EE book that I currently have.

Thank you for the response.