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My copy of EE gives advice on citing an online clip of a prior radio broadcast (p.790), but I have need to cite an actual broadcast that was aired on a specific day of a national radio network (i.e. not a copy or excerpt). The presenters, clip identification, and name of the show are fairly obvious, but I was a little confused about where to put the date it was aired. If it was a print publication then I would be putting the publication details in parentheses, but the example on p.790 puts the date after the details of the clip/show/segment.

Submitted byEEon Wed, 09/16/2020 - 21:20

Ton, when we cite an online pub, the access date goes with the parenthetical publication details because that's the latest version of what might have altered since its first posting.

If you are citing the live broadcast, the simplest mode would be to cite it like a print publication, with only the publication date that was also your access date. The problem is that no one can verify what you say you heard without access to a transcript or video that is archived or posted online.

... or without approaching the program maker, or the broadcasting network, for a copy.

I appreciate the issue with a live radio or TV broadcast, and there is an assumption by me that although there may not be a public copy or transcript (only my private one), the program maker should be able to provide details on request.

In times gone by, copies were often not kept because of the physical storage space required, but many makers (or networks) now keep digital copies, if for no other reason than to facilitate re-runs.

Transient sources is a classification that all share this same issue, and includes basic things like unrecorded verbal comments. Sometimes, writing is too complicated -- maybe I should stick to gardening  :-)