Handling of multiple spelling corrections of a word/phrase in a transcription

Dear Editor;

In a 230,000-word WW1 transcription, I am encountering multiple instance of "VILLERS-lez-CAGNICOURT". In this particular type military history text, geographical names are (by convention) shown in capital letters, except for "joining words." As such, the correct spelling would be "VILLERS-lès-CAGNICOURT" or possibly "VILLERS-les-CAGNICOURT." 

Unfortunately; the occurrences of errors, in a fairly short list of places, are so numerous that using the quote-and-square-bracket method of showing corrections would severely disrupt the flow of the text.

Finding a generally accepted solution to this issue is particularly important. The completed transcription is to contain a geographical index of place names. So, the corrected name must appear in the proper location in the transcription.

Would it be acceptable to insert an introductory transcription note to provide a list of place-names as found in the original document and the corrected spelling used within the transcription? This would likely look like an "errata" list commonly seen in books and contain introductory text to explain its purpose.

Submitted byEEon Wed, 02/24/2021 - 17:24

History-Hunter, your suggestion is a common workaround among those who transcribe documents with similar issues.