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"Citation on Bond" - What is this??

Hi, I was reading a quarterly newsletter and found my person of interest in a section called "Odds and Ends." The "title" of the section is "Citation on Bond." What in the world might this be. If I can verify this information with an original source, it would help me prove a death date. Here is a link to the newletter: . It's on image 20. 


Thanks so much!!

Confusion about a WWII Draft Registration Card: Signed by a registrar of one draft board and stamped by a different one.

I can't find my great grandfather, Davey Stirman Smith, in the 1940 census. I thought his WWII Draft Registration Card could help me find him, but I'm left with more questions than answers. Why are there so many different locations on his draft card:

Privately held Marriage Certificate - New South Wales, Australia

Dear EE,

I have quite a number of inherited family certificates including the attached marriage certificate of my grandparents. I would love some feedback on my attempt below. 

Source List Entry

Grant Family Papers. Privately held by Renee Michelle McLean, New South Wales, Australia.

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1911 Canadian census revision confusion

I've come across an amendment situation that I've never seen before in the Canadian Census records and I'm not quite sure how to treat it.

The page image shows an enumeration district of 1, but the page is stamped to indicate the enumeration district was 45. The initial page of the book has an image-time-note showing the subdistrict (not the enumeration district) was 45 and it has been catalogued by the Library and Archives Canada as subdistrict 45. If one uses what is on the image, one cannot locate the record.

"Davy Crockett" horse

Dear Collective Wisdom: I was researching a probate record from 1870 in Harrison County, Texas and came across the following description of a horse in the inventory: "Davy Crockett horse." It was valued at $25. A quick perusal of the internet gave me only toy horse figurines and other Davy Crockett ephemera. Has anyone here come across this description? Or, does anyone know of a good reference for horses or know of a horse scholar? Thank you in advance for any assistance!