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Dear Editor,

This is my first attempt at citing any Map!

I have read 12.67 Historical Maps but wanted your opinion on the way I have used a waypoint path to find this map, and also the information I have included regarding the publisher. Should anyone else mentioned at the bottom of the map be mentioned in the citation?

You might like to follow the path as provided (to see if you can locate the same in the same manner as what I did), but here is a link directly to the page:  

I have also (just now while writing this post) googled "Fife and Kinross Sheet 19". A NLS (National Library of Scotland) entry comes up 3rd on the list and they give you a choice of all sheets to choose from, including this one. But I obviously did not have prior knowledge of the name of this map and just went through the process (waypoints) to find it. 

Source List:

Fife and Kinross : Sheet 19. Southampton: Lt. Colonel James, R.E. F.R.S._M.R.I.A., 1855. Digital image. National Library of Scotland. : n.d.

Full Reference Note:

Fife and Kinross : Sheet 19 (Southampton: Lt. Colonel James, R.E. F.R.S._M.R.I.A., 1855); digital image, National Library of Scotland ( accessed 5 June 2021) > Digital resources > Map images > Map Finder with Marker Pin > Search Places (UK) > Term: Carnbee (Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom) > Fife, Sheet 19 (Series: Ordnance Survey. Six-inch to the mile). Used under license: CC-BY and "Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland".

I added the license details at the end for information. Is that necessary for the citation or should it only be referenced to the picture of the map when I use it elsewhere?

Many thanks



Submitted byEEon Sat, 06/05/2021 - 08:47

Robyn, you've done well. The path works. The image, as delivered at the link (unpurchased), is so blurred that I cannot read the fine print with the map's name and publication data, but you appear to have captured the basics. In brief: we cite a standalone map as we would any standalone publication:

Author (if known), Exact Title in Italics (Place of publication : date), exact page/quadrant/figure/whatever therein or thereon.

Your Layer 2 then cites the online publication that delivered the map, following the same pattern.

With regard to adding the licensing info at the end of your citation: Yes, that is good. At this point, you are creating a "working" citation. You're not at the point of publishing a book or article in which you include the map. When publication happens, you would place the licensing/permission info in proximity to the map. But in the meanwhile, in your working notes, you need to record whatever licensing/permission statement the owner of the map requests or requires.