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In Norway they have location history books called bygdebok. Some are wonderful, some are not so helpful. Some are by a single author and some have huge teams. Some are self-taught historians from the late 1800's to PhD's in history and genealogy. So it's buyer beware :)

I'm going to use this one from the village of Skedsmo written in 1929. I'm including the title page as to read this you need a Norwegian IP address.

My first cut is 

Halvor Haavelmo, editor, Skedsmo: Bygdens Historie, [volume] I (Oslo: Nationaltrykkeriet, 1929), p. 12. [omitting digital link].

Redigert [editor]

The catch is the utgitt av skedsmo herredsstyre ved en komite, published [written] by the Skedsmo county committee. There is no further mention of committee members or what they wrote or added. I'm inclined to not add them in and leave the citation as it is.

title page

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Cryptoref, a purist would include the committee name as the author, then cite Haavelmo as editor. But no reasonable person would fault you if you simply cited the editor.