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I’m learning to cite and am still very much a beginner and not feeling confident with creating a citation for a baptism transcription found on CD-ROM. 

The CD-ROM contains transcriptions of baptisms, marriages, and burials for Abingdon and was purchased from the Oxfordshire Family History Society.

I have also attached page 201 from Volume 6 which contains the baptism transcription for Thomas Eackling.

I have put something together and was wondering if I’m at all on the right track. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Source List Entry

Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Oxfordshire Parish Registers, Abingdon Registration District Transcripts, Vol. 1, 5th Edition. CD-ROM edition. PDF format. Oxfordshire, England: Oxfordshire Family History Society, 2015.

First Reference Note

Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Oxfordshire Parish Registers, Abingdon Registration District Transcripts, Vol. 1, 5th Edition. CD-ROM ed., PDF format ( Oxfordshire, England: Oxfordshire Family History Society, 2015 ), Abingdon St. Helen Baptisms, Vol. 6, P. 201, Thomas Eackling, baptised 27 September 1801.

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Submitted byEEon Sun, 08/21/2022 - 13:48

Welcome to EE, renlens.  Thank you for attaching the images, so that all can see what you're working with.  CD-ROMs, especially, tend to have many different organization schemes and some definitely affect our citations.

You've done well.  You did not indicate what EE section you are following, but the basic principle for citing a CD-ROM is the same one pointed out on the "head page" that you attached: A CD-ROM is cited like a book or any other standalone publication.  EE (3d ed. rev.) covers church records on CD-ROM at 7.37.

EE would make two tweaks in your draft:

1. Your source is not an original record. It is a typescript. That can make a significant difference in the accuracy of the information we take from a source. Our citations should always note the fact that we are using a typescript or even a handwritten copy, rather than the original record. With the record set you are using, the prefatory discussion also identifies the person who made the typescript; he should be a part of your citation. EE covers this at 7.31 Typescripts of Registers.

2. As discussed at EE 2.59: Capitalization: General Usage, words such as volume and page (and their abbreviations vol. and p. or pp.) are not proper nouns, so they are written in lower-case.


Submitted byRobynRon Sun, 08/21/2022 - 21:23

Hello EE,

I thought I would share how I have cited a similar source. I now wonder if it suitable.

Berkshire Family History Society, Parish Registers Reading St Giles, CD-ROM database (Reading, Berkshire: Berks FHS CD Publications, 2008), entry for John Berkshire, baptised 18 November 1791; citing D/P 96/1/5, Baptisms 1788-1812, Berkshire Record Office, Reading, England.