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Is there a rule to follow when citing references in table format? For example, in Amy Harris's "Whom Did Mary Marry? Finding Mary Browett's Multiple Marriages in Early-Nineteenth-Century Gloucestershire, England," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 109 (March 2021): 45-54. Or Ricki King, "A Father's Luching and Multiple Maiden Names: Ida King of Ralls County, Missouri, and Des Moines County, Iowa," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 109 (March 2021): 29-44. The Amy Harris article appears as though a modified short note is used. While in the Ricki King article, readers are to "See text." What information should be included when creating a modified short note for use in a table? When is it appropriate to refer readers to the text of the article? 

Using the St. Liborious Church example from QuickLesson 25. The full reference citation:

St. Liborious Church (St. Libory, Illinois), “Liber Baptismalis ab anno 1849 die 30 Murt. Usque ad initium anni 1863,” unnumbered pages, unnumbered entries in chronological order, “Elisabetham Aberle,” baptism, 12 November 1857; accessed as “Illinois, Diocese of Belleville, Catholic Parish Records, 1729–1956,” browsable images, FamilySearch ( : 1 April 2015), path: St. Clair County > St. Libory > St. Liborious > 1849–1862 Baptisms, First Communion, Confirmations > image 33 of 68.

versus the short note: 

St. Liborious Church (St. Libory, Ill.), "Liber Baptismalis ab anno 1859 ... 1863," Elisabetham Aberle baptism, 12 Nov. 1857. 

Using the short note as a citation in a table doesn't seem adequate. There is no pathway for the reader to follow. The following modified short note gives the reader a direction to follow albeit requires work on the reader's part. 

St. Liborious Church (St. Libory, Ill.), "Liber Baptismalis ab anno 1859 ... 1863," Elisabetham Aberle baptism, 12 Nov. 1857; FamilySearch ( > St. Clair Co. > St. Libory > St. Liborius.

Your thoughts, suggestions, ideas on the above is much appreciated.  



Submitted byEEon Fri, 01/27/2023 - 08:43

Hello, Badger, as you've noted for the journal articles you cite, the treatment of citations within tables and charts do vary according to a variety of situations. Because of those variations, EE cannot say that any specific wording will or will not work for a table or chart that may or may not be attached to something else. Have you seen the discussions at


The one overriding concern is the need to provide readers with a full identification of the source, in a manner that connects each specific fact to each specific source.