Artifact birth certificate reflecting chain of custody

I read over the post, "Private Holdings: Artifact", and tried to utilize the birth certificate example to construct a citation for one of the birth certificates copies I hold on file. Unfortunately; I've tried to create a citation, but the chain of custody is causing me to doubt that I've done so correctly. Could I ask for your feedback? 

From noted post:

 1. [AGENCY], birth certificate no. 4041 (1933), district of Hornsby, [PERSON'S NAME]; certified copy dated 22 January 1997, privately held by [NAME], [ADDRESS for PRIVATE USE], [CITY, STATE]; photograph held by [NAME], [ADDRESS for PRIVATE USE], [CITY, STATE], 2018.

In my case the chain of custody was: [original image not included - contains personal information.]

  • The 14 February 1926 birth was registered on 5 March 1926 with index reference "1926-49-32".
  • Certificate numbered B 116877 was issued at Toronto, by the Province of Ontario, on 30 November 1942. It bears the above information.
  • A positive print, from a photostat, was notarized as a "True Copy, in Ontario, on 18 April 1961.
  • In 2018 I inherited the notarized positive print from my mother.

Potential citation:

1. Province of Ontario, birth certificate no. B 116877 (1942), [PERSON'S NAME], born 14 February 1926, registered as index no. 1926-49-32, at Toronto, 5 March 1926; copy of original notarized 18 April 1961; privately held by [NAME], [ADDRESS for PRIVATE USE], [CITY, STATE]. Inherited as part of the estate of [DECEASED NAME], 2018.