Turning Records into Stepping Stones


7 January 2015

Each record that survives from the past represents a milestone in the lives of those involved. For us, as we explore history, each record should be a stepping stone to something more. More always lies beyond for those willing to scrape away the moss of quirky language and the mire of changing legal landscapes.

A well-analyzed record is a centerstone from which many research paths diverge. That premise presents its own problem: how do we brainstorm the possibilities? How do we track the alternatives?

EE's QuickLesson 6,"Mindmapping Records," shows how to take an everyday record from yesteryear and turn it in to dozens of possibilities that will fuel your search for months to come.  While you're at it, read QuickLesson 5, "Analyzing Records," which scrutinizes the record on which QuickLesson 6 is based.