QuickSheet: Citing Ancestry Databases & Images Evidence Style, Second Edition, Revised

This question is a book of a different cover. It probably would have been easier to ask over at Facebook but I am not a member there so I tried to use the forum board that best fit.

This particular QuickSheet (in the subject) was originally printed in 2010 (First Edition) and a Second Edition was printed in 2017 per author's Amazon page and WorldCat.

Recently one genealogy online bookseller announced a new stock of this QuickGuide "Second Edition Revised" (but is using the ISBN of the 2010 edition) and another online bookseller also mentions Second Edition Revised (using ISBN of 2017 edition) with both giving a published date of 2019 but neither point out what makes this "Revised" -- is it just a new printing run because everyone ran out, is it just minor typos corrected; or has there been revision to the substance of the QuickGuide itself either major or minor changes?

Knowing this would help me advise a genealogy society member who uses the library's copy of EE where to best spend the money -- the Second Edition Revised at either online bookseller both of whom have $5.50 shipping rate for first item OR the kindle version (no shipping) of the Second Edition printed in 2017. There are pros/cons to both new versus prior and physical versus digital but those are separate issues to what is the difference between this QuickGuide's Second Edition and Second Edition, Revised.

Please Advise. Thank you.

Submitted byEEon Mon, 09/30/2019 - 11:17

GoneResearching, thanks for asking. The 2019 edition (2nd edition revised) is a radical revision--approximately 45% is affected. Some of the revision stems from Ancestry's expanding array of imaged records, including local courthouse records, and the increasing need for waypoint citations to drill down to an exact record. Some of it stems from material no longer available that is now replaced with models for other types of material. One alteration stems from Ancestry altering database titles and URLs.

As for dates and ISBN numbers used by online booksellers, those are only as accurate as the employee who keys in the data.

Incidentally, the 2019 edition (2d ed. rev.) is not yet available in a Kindle version. The Kindle version of this revised Ancestry QuickSheet--and the Kindle version of the 2019 2d edition of the Genetic Sources QuickSheet (also heavily revised) should be available about the end of the year.


Submitted byrowrthingtonon Mon, 09/30/2019 - 16:58

Dear Editor,

I use these QuickSheets almost everyday. Have created a database, using my genealogy software. I can not always get the Reference Note (the term my the program) to meed your (THE) Standard. But that is another topic.

My Question, specifically on Ancestry:

Should the Citation (Citation Text for the program) provide enough data, to be able to use the Ancestry Search Fields, to pull up the Record I am citing ?

The Source part of the Reference Note, I can usually craft using the program, It's the Specific Item / Person of Interest piece of the Reference Note.

I have been able to find the records on Ancestry that are on the 2nd Edition of the QuickSheet, entering the Person of Interest that you have in the example, and I think that I found the record you had cites. I used the  Ancestry Search screen, on the Record that was cited, and entered the Specific Item of interest (Name and Date of an event). 

I test my citations, by using the Search fields on Ancestry, to get that record to appear at or very close to the top of the Results page.

Just trying to confirm, in my own mind what I have observed from this GREAT QuickSheet.

Thank you,


Submitted byEEon Thu, 02/20/2020 - 10:02

Russ, my apologies for not answering promptly. This message slipped in unnoticed somehow.

Entering exact search terms will sometimes help and sometimes not. (EE 2.37) The QuickSheets, unfortunately, are very limited in space, which means they can't include the types of explanations that EE includes.