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How does one cite a newspaper from Findmypast, when the paper itself is the "Jackson's Oxford Journal" but Findmypast uses "Oxford Journal" as their terminology for this publication.

If one references their citation to "Jackson's Oxford Journal" with the usual caveats for newspapers published online by another provider, i.e. (EE 14.22 Newspaper Articles (Online Images) - I am fairly sure that others would not find that newspaper name at the website being cited.

Have attached 2 images for thoughts.

Am interested in others views.

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Submitted byEEon Tue, 02/18/2020 - 09:43

RobynR, newspapers often altered their names across time.  Library cataloging, as well as entities such as FindMyPast, will typically consolidate them under one of the titles.

In this case, remember that you are citing two different things:

  • Layer 1. Cite the newspaper by its actual title, in the standard citation form for newspapers.
  • Layer 2. Cite the website, in standard citation form. There, under the "database title" or in the "specific item" field, state the title under which the website offers this newspaper. (We have an option here for the field in which to enter the title used by the website because the structure of websites vary. For some websites, the title would be entered into the database field. For others, there is no separate database for each newspaper; thus, we would note their varying title in the specific item.)