Missing dates

In this revolutionary war bounty land claim, the widow requests an award of land. Fairly straightforward, and it's part of the pension file, no big deal. BUT a closer look makes me wonder. The page is here but is a paid site. 

There are no dates for either her husband's death or her marriage. The clerk didn't write them in, or she didn't know, or ...? She is illiterate and so will be trusting to those around her for what she signs, but not having dates seems off. 

Mountain / mole hill?



Submitted bycryptorefon Sat, 04/09/2022 - 16:41

Well this is a bit interesting. They quickly filled out the form as the accompanying affidavit includes the dates. So why fill out the form, when you have the affidavit? 

Submitted byEEon Sat, 04/09/2022 - 19:04

David, I'm not sure I'm understanding your question. What I'm seeing (in brief) is this:

Images 13102671–72 and 13102674–755

  • 26-27 October 1853 – combined affidavits of widow, j.p. & son-in-law
  • Request for pension, mentioning arrears on sums due to him at the time of his death, believed to be held by the agency in Richmond
  • Cites the marriage on 7 May 1832 in Franklin, by Rev. Moses Greer
  • Cites Benjamin’s death on 16 April 1849
  • J.P.: Jonathan H. Marriel?

Image 13102667

  • 3 April 1855
  • A standard form requesting bounty land
  • Cites their marriage in Franklin, by Rev. Moses Greer but not date of marriage or his death
  • J.P.: R. M. Taliaferro

Are you asking why, in 1855, the j.p. did not repeat data that had been submitted in 1853?  Or, why would the 1855 form be necessary after the 1853 affidavit? If the latter, it would be because the 1855 action by her was a totally different action for a totally different benefit, with bureaucrats combining the two files at a later date.

Submitted bycryptorefon Sat, 04/09/2022 - 19:14

It's the former. The 1855 form is only partially filled out. What happened was that I was reading the file, and given the order things are filmed, found this form first. It struck me as odd, that the dates weren't present. So I asked the question BEFORE I'd read the rest of the file (I know not a great idea). After reading the rest of the file it's obvious what is happening as they just filled that form in quickly as the rest of the file covers the dates.

Two learnings, one, read the entire file before you start asking real questions; second, it's still not bad to question what you are reading and seeing.

Also, this is a great file as there are lots of details to be dragging out from all of the forms.