Song lyrics

I'm creating a presentation, and for a bit of humor and to make a point, i'm quoting from the song "Cecilia," by S&G [yes that makes me slightly past youngster :)]. I've got two thoughts: 

1. Just quote the song 

Paul Simon, "Cecilia," (Columbia, 1970).

2. Add a website that displays the lyrics

Paul Simon, "Cecilia," (Columbia, 1970); lyrics at SongLyrics ( : accessed 14 April 2022). 

First, I'll argue that the actual lyrics are common knowledge as who wouldn't know the lyrics from one of S&G's best songs :) [Yes I know that requires a certain age to be true].

Do I need to add to the citation of the first album it was on? They did release it as a single

Please don't take this too seriously, but it did make me think for a few minutes.

For the youngsters, here's the audio



Submitted byEEon Fri, 04/15/2022 - 08:12

Well, cryptoref, CMOS does take seriously the citations of musical recordings.  It's covered in CMOs's source citation chapter (Chapter 14 "Notes and Bibliography") at 14.263, with six different options. 

Your first draft provides the essentials. Your second draft would be the most useful. But EE would make one suggestion for both the first and second draft. Please, pretty please, remove that comma before the open parentheses.  The purpose of a set of parentheses is to attach additional explanatory information to the item that comes before it. The purpose of a comma is to separate items in a series into their own little worlds. If you use the two in sequence, you've started a fight.