Civil War Widow's Pension Citation

My question is two-fold...

I am using an affidavit from a Civil War Widow's Pension application packet that confirms the soldier's marriage. The affidavit states that the affidavit is the only evidence of the marriage as the original license and bond were destroyed by fire. My question is do I add that information to the citation?

Also, I have never written a citation of this type before so this is how I have constructed it, referencing EE 11.40. I have a copy of the document, having sent away for the Widow's Pension packet. Have I assembled it correctly? And if I need to add the information about the fire where would I add it? 


Affidavit from R.M. Thompson, clerk of McNairy County, Tennessee, 18 January 1866, verifying marriage of Henry G. Beauchamp to Phereby Ann Picket, 25 November 1846, filed with Fereby Beacham's widow's pension application no. 32008, certification no. 67266; service of Henry G. Beacham (Pvt., Co. A, 87th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, Civil War); Civil War and Later Pension Files; Record Group 15: Records of the Department of Veteran Affairs; National Archives, Washington, D.C.


Submitted byEEon Thu, 06/16/2022 - 09:03

Hello, Coral. Yes, you've done well. When we're citing original records housed at the National Archives, we start with the smallest item (the individual document) and move, layer by layer, up through the ID of the file; collection; series; record group to the largest item (archive, locale), because that is the way the documents are organized there.