Citing FHL Library Books category

I'm so confused. This is a book listed in the Family Search Library. I can't figure out how to cite it.

Do I follow the QuickCheck Model on page 659 or one of the QuickCheck Models for church records?

Submitted byEEon Thu, 11/24/2022 - 09:04

Ohiogirl48, citation-wise, a published book is a published book. It doesn't matter the library at which you use it. It doesn't matter what the content is—be it a set of record abstracts, a science textbook, or a historical novel. A published book is a published book. It follows the Basic Book format on p. 727. If you have the 2017 edition of EE, you'll also find it in the QuickStart Guide under The Basics: Publications: Print & Online.

If, for your own use going forward, you wish to add a second layer citing the FamilySearch URL at which you found the book, you certainly may. However, a basic book citation does not cite the library because the same book will be available at many different libraries.

Of course, there are two issues involved in the use of this book: the citation and the evaluation. The content definitely matters, insofar as evaluation is concerned. But from that standpoint, we evaluate whether we are using an original register or a book of published abstracts, or extracts, or transcriptions. Each difference matters.