Family Traditions

Just needed some levity today. The statement in the text says that "John was a gambler and deeply in debt to the local crime syndicate. To pay for his gambling losses, John sold his company." 

The citation for this, based on EE 3.45 is

Grawrock Family Traditions, David Grawrock, compiler (oral history passed from father to son); privately held by Grawrock, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE], Ivins, Utah; John’s business record, reported by Thomas William Grawrock Sr [John's son] to Thomas William Grawrock Jr, then to David Grawrock, ca. 1970-1990. The company folded and no records of its sale exist, it does not seem prudent to attempt to contact the suspected members of the local crime syndicate and ask for any records of the “purchase” of the company.

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cryptoref, levity helps us all get through life.  You've also made a valuable point: Once we understand the basic principles of citation, we can create a useful and informative citation to anything.