Cleveland, Ohio, ... Cleveland, Ohio, ... Cleveland, Ohio ...

27 February 2015
Our last post considered the subject of useful redundancy. Before we abandon this track, let's turn the train around and head it in the other direction. Whether it's Cleveland in Ohio we're writing about or anywhere else on the globe, a reader's train of thought will stall in the weeds when it hits the state of Pointless Redundancy. ... So, what's the rule for identifying place names? ...

Writing Historical Biography

15 February 2015
"Here's my challenge," a history researcher wrote recently on social media. "How do I write a biography of someone from the 1700s with little direct documentation available?


13 June 2014
Lagniappe. The term means "a little gift" or "a little something extra"—its contents unpredictable but delightful. Today, EE's lagniappe is a handful of our own favorite sites whose riches may help you in your research. ...