Tax rolls


Five Reasons We Can’t Find the Records We Want

Reason No. 1: Those records were never created in the first place. Recordkeeping is so commonplace today that our expectations are often skewed. ...

Peter-pence, Poll-money, and Poll-tax:

11 June 2014
A tax on one's very existence? Yes, indeed, such taxes were common in the past. Regardless of social or economic status, taxation was a burden that every free person was expected to share. Today's terms cover three of those tax types that have fallen from disfavor ...

Citing Key Parties in a Record

10 April 2014
Citations to original records held in courthouses and town halls may vary from one to the next, depending upon the nature of the record and the focus of your own work. For example: ...

Those Deceptively Simple Tax Rolls

17 February 2014
When a tax roll is arranged alphabetically—or semi-alphabetically by first letter of surname—that makes it easy to find a person of interest, right? Wrong! If we simply search under the "proper" letter of the alphabet, we'll miss much.