Kentucky minister's return to clerk of court

I have a document from a client which appears to be a minister's return from a priest to the Jefferson County, KY court certifying the marriage of Edward Whalen to Mary Karlin on 18 December 1918.  In looking through Evidence Explained, I cannot find an example of such a document.  I'm not even sure of what to call the document!  Attached is a photo of what the client characterizes as an original document in her possession.  What form should a citation to this document take?  What is the document, exactly?  Thanks for any help.

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Greg, note the second line of the document: "To be delivered to parties married." This certificate would not be the minister's return that is recorded in a county record book. It's the certificate that was handed to the couple at the time they married. It's a family artifact. See EE 3.25:

3.25 Basic Format: Family Artifacts
The basic format illustrated below can be adapted to a wide variety of artifacts in private possession, such as
• artwork and craft products
• baby books and wedding books
birth and marriage certificates (given to parties at time of event) ....