Antenati – Online Italian State Archives

I'm attempting to cite a digital image of a birth act within a birth register found on Antenati, which is the online Italian State Archives. In EE 9.54 (p. 480-481 in Third Edition Revised), it shares the following example for citing Italian birth registers:

Gratteri, Palermo, Registro degli Atti di Nascita [Register of the Acts of Birth], 1882": entry 56, Sebastiano Sammarco; FHL microfilm 1,965,164, item 1.

Using that citation as a guide, I created the below citation for the image (linked above) on Antenati. I believe the pathways are essential on the website, and also included English translations since I can't assume people reading my citations will know Italian. I would appreciate any insight or edits! Thank you.

Sepino, Campobasso, “Registro degli Atti di Nascita [Register of the Acts of Birth], 1902”: entry 115, Francesco Sanzo; digital image, Antenati ( : accessed 23 June 2020), > Sfoglia i registri [Browse the registers] > Archivio di Stato di Campobasso [Campobasso State Archive] › Stato civile italiano [Italian civil state] › Sepino › Nati [Births] › 1902 › Immagine [Image] 49.

Submitted byEEon Wed, 06/24/2020 - 14:23

Maria, you've done well converting the microfilm example to an online example using a path and waypoints.

Submitted bymaritaliaon Sun, 07/12/2020 - 12:18

Hi EE. I've also found quite a few Italian birth records on FamilySearch. Using the format approved above for Antenati, I've created the following citation for this record on FamilySearch. I thought it was important to lead with the actual register still since that's where the record physically is and then include that it's within this database image collection. Let me know if I'm thinking about this right and I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Vizzini, Catania, “Registro degli Atti di Nascita [Register of the Acts of Birth], 1912”: entry 528, Giovanni Caserta; imaged in “Italia, Catania, Vizzini. Stato civile : Tribunale, 1862-1945,” Family Search ( : accessed 12 July 2020) > Nati, v. 64-65, 1912-1913 > image 177 of 436; citing FHL DGS 4932115.