names entered into city directories

I found my great-grandparents in a a city directory. They are entered as: Hendrickson Clark V (Ollie).

Their actual full names are Clarkson Valentine Hendrickson and his wife Olive Currie (Anderson) Hendrickson.

2.16 specifiies to cite the names exactly and then insert the correction in square brackets. But these names aren't necessarily wrong ... they just aren't exact.

a) so is it necessary to clarify shortened names ?

b) if so, should we include middle names when known? Just wondering because in some cases Clarkson is also shown as Clark Hendrickson, Clark V. Hendrickson or Clarkson V. Hendrickson?

c) in the case with two people where do I put the corrected information - after both names or the corrected names just after each name? I'm not sure what it should look like.

Maybe I am overthinking it.... I don't know. BTW: my current use case is that I am entering the information into software.



Submitted byEEon Wed, 02/03/2021 - 21:13

Hendrickson, for the benefit of others who may look for the name, it would be useful to cite the names exactly and place quotation marks around the copied entry. It's important to remember here that we are citing the entry, not the person.

If we want to add middle names we have documented for them in other legal records, the convention is to place our addition in square editorial brackets. If we have two such entries in one citation, we may choose to place an editorial comment after each one or at the end of the citation.