Citing naturalization records received from USCIS

Hi all, I would love for some advice on how to cite naturalization records that I received from the USCIS genealogy division. These documents are not in any databases (that I have seen), but I don't really know how to cite them as part of my own "archive." Would appreciate any help!

Submitted byEEon Fri, 07/23/2021 - 18:08

smithab96, you need to help us out a bit here. Naturalization records and other materials from USCIS come in many types, and we have no way of knowing what you have or what quirks might be involved.

As a starting point, have you reviewed EE 11.12–17 and 11.49?  Pick a model that most closely matches what you have and try to craft a citation. That way, we have something to work with.

As for "how to cite them as part of my own 'archive,"  if you personally received them from USCIS, then you are not citing your archive. You are citing what you received from USCIS.

If you have not already read Chapter 3, Archives and Artifacts, this would give you a foundation for understanding archival materials. Also, for federal archives, the introduction to Chapter 11 is essential as well.