Citing Land Deeds from 3rd Party County Clerk Vendor Site

This deed is sourced originally from the Galveston County Clerk's Office, Book 2115 Page 430.

I have cited from microfilmed deeds on FamilySearch before, but these are actual copies of scanned deed images from the book. I am not sure how to cite this and was wondering if I crafted my citation correctly? 

I arrived at these deeds through the county website:

From that website, it took me to another website through the AVA Record Search link that is hosting the digital images,

From there, I typed in my information (Pignataro, F 6/1/1970) and up popped my deed. The website hosts the county deed images and assigned an image number, 708488, plus has the book/page number.

The original deed has a stamp for book (2115) and page number 430. It is a deed for the State of Texas in the County of Galveston. At the top of the deed, centered, is number 10848.

My attempt:

"Harris-Pignataro Deed, 7008488." Images. Fidlar. ( : accessed 21 November 2022), Harris-Pignataro Deed, 1 June 1970; citing Galveston County, Texas, Deed Book 2115:430, Galveston County Clerk's Office, Galveston.

I guess for security reasons, the link won't take a person to the exact image.

Submitted byEEon Tue, 11/22/2022 - 12:03

Hello, kmdennis17.  Technology does complicate citations!  There are several issues to discuss, but we need to begin with two questions:

1. Are you trying to create a Source List Entry or a Reference Note (i.e., footnote or endnote)?

2. Which EE model are you attempting to adapt?