Antenati – Online Italian State Archives

I'm attempting to cite a digital image of a birth act within a birth register found on Antenati, which is the online Italian State Archives. In EE 9.54 (p. 480-481 in Third Edition Revised), it shares the following example for citing Italian birth registers:

Gratteri, Palermo, Registro degli Atti di Nascita [Register of the Acts of Birth], 1882": entry 56, Sebastiano Sammarco; FHL microfilm 1,965,164, item 1.

Using that citation as a guide, I created the below citation for the image (linked above) on Antenati. I believe the pathways are essential on the website, and also included English translations since I can't assume people reading my citations will know Italian. I would appreciate any insight or edits! Thank you.

Sepino, Campobasso, “Registro degli Atti di Nascita [Register of the Acts of Birth], 1902”: entry 115, Francesco Sanzo; digital image, Antenati ( : accessed 23 June 2020), > Sfoglia i registri [Browse the registers] > Archivio di Stato di Campobasso [Campobasso State Archive] › Stato civile italiano [Italian civil state] › Sepino › Nati [Births] › 1902 › Immagine [Image] 49.

Submitted byEEon Wed, 06/24/2020 - 14:23

Maria, you've done well converting the microfilm example to an online example using a path and waypoints.