Source list for layered citations

I would appreciate clarification on appropriate Source List entries for layered citations – at least I assume this scenario should be a layered citation. I am documenting genealogy research. A nearby historical society website has an online index which you can use to search for references in their newspaper collection. This newspaper collection contains papers in print and microfilm formats.  

I asked the historical society to locate an article identified by their online index. They provided me a digital copy of the article. The information on the newspaper is in my reference note, but I also decided to add where the copy of the newspaper article was obtained. My thought process in adding where the copy of this newspaper was obtained is that 1) I doubt this newspaper is generally available and 2) I want to remember where I located it in case I want to refer to this paper again. Am I wrong to add this info?

When it came time to create to the Source List entry, I initially thought I would cite the newspaper directly. However, now I wonder if I should cite the historical society newspaper collection instead. Or, do I need to add both to the Source List?

Here is the Reference Note I created:

“A List of Letters,” (Columbia) Missouri Intelligencer, 4 October 1834, p. 3, col. 2; newspaper collection, State Historical Society of Missouri, Columbia.

Here is the Source List entry I created:

Newspaper Collection. State Historical Society of Missouri, Columbia. 

Submitted byEEon Tue, 09/27/2022 - 09:03

ksgene12, you'd better serve yourself going forward if you created Source List Entries for both. EE would make the archive itself the subject of the second Source List Entry, listing under it the various collections consulted. If you are using database software, it may or may not allow you to do that.

Regarding the reference note, given that the collection you used at the State Historical Society  of Missouri is a formally named collection, though it seems to be a generic name, the title of the collection should be capitalized as you did in the Source List Entry.