When Our Love Affair Goes Wrong—Woefully Wrong!
We love those published abstracts, don’t we? Those databases. Those quick, cheap, and easy sources that save us the time spent combing old records or the costs of ordering them. But, as with all love affairs, verify before you trust is a wise idea.
EE Sun, 06/23/2019 - 17:18

Do You "Just Trust" Citations Offered by Digital Providers? . . . EE's Take on the Subject

26 June 2014 Those of you who accepted yesterday's challenge—here at the blog and at our FB page—caught several good points, especially the misidentified microfilm publication. ... Beyond that, EE’s suggested model reflects several other citation needs ...

Do You "Just Trust" Citations Offered by Digital Providers?

25 June 2014 EE hopes your answer is "no." Today’s image demonstrates why. Not only do we need to double-check the factual details, but we also need to consider whether the “ready-made citation” actually covers all essentials. The census enumeration maps offered by one of our most-valued providers of digitized records suggests ...